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Pregnant has fallen into the gorge, a doctor came to school to deliver the baby

Thursday, January 31, 2019 21:21 (GMT + 7)

A motorcycle that carries several pregnant women to suddenly be born to sink into the gorge, happy to be supported by a physician on the spot.

Pregnant has fallen into the gorge, the doctor came to school to be born - 1

Pregnant women are pregnant while in car crashes

On January 31, 2019, news from the Bac Me General Hospital, Ha Giang, the hospital physician has just successfully delivered pregnant women with car crash injuries.

According to family members, a couple drove a motorcycle to a hospital to be born, but suddenly suffered a traffic accident by slamming into a gorge. Fortunately, to see people on the road, you should call for urgent help at the Bac Me General Hospital.

Bs. Nguyen Ngoc Chung, director of the municipal hospital Bac Me said that, having received a pedestrian report, he sent a mobile emergency team to the scene.

Pregnant women are Mrs. Giang Thi Thao, 38 years old in the village of Ha Son II, Lac Nong Municipality, Bac Me Municipality, Ha Giang, is pregnant for the fifth time, the concept of pregnancy, signs of work and abdominal pain take on the motorcycle husband. When you go to the mountain road, run quickly towards the husband and wife, and motorcycles fall into the gorge, depths about 8-10m.

When the Emergency Team arrived, the pregnant woman had to work and she had to give birth, so the health workers had delivered the clam. The girl weighs three kilos red, healthy. Mom and daughter are currently being taken to the Bac Me General Hospital to take care of their birth. Health of the baby and mother is stable.

"It is very lucky to fall on a pregnant woman and the baby is not affected. This is a unique emergency situation with which doctors meet," said the doctor. Chung said.

Pregnant women in an accident that constantly stutter tells the minute of an accident

When taken to the emergency room, Mrs. Ng.T.Kh. Pregnancy, severe abdominal pain.

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