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Price Disorder, Unclear Quality

About two years ago, Vietnamese consumers mentioned a saffron sack, which culminated in late 2018. According to a journalist's research, the spur of the saffron falls into a state of price disorder. Middle-west Saffron sells 130 million / kg, but has a slice of 350 million / kg. The high-quality track has a price of 400-500 million / kg. As high value goods, flowered saffron can not avoid the problem of counterfeit and fake products, although all businesses claim that their products are "100% standard" portable products.

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Saffron is a hot product in the market that is sold at very expensive prices.

Ms. Mai Huong (Dong Da District, Hanoi City) shares a online store specializing in the sale of the right saffron from Iran due to the price of that family member of 10 million VNDs per 5 boxes, each box of 10 grams, calculated to only 200,000 / gram. Seeing cheaper prices on the market, the shop owner has been assured of quality to immediately agree to buy. However, when used, he found it to be false.

"I dropped the gun in the water, immediately the water became red, the gun loosened and broke many pieces. If I have never used it, I will not detect counterfeit goods. But my friends have shared, so I know something about this product. If it's a real product, it will take some time for the new country to become yellow. The pistol is still tough and not broken, "Huong said.

Finding answers to the use of saffron, Dr. Le Thi Hai, said the National Institute of Nutrition, sausage whipping has proved effective: improving memory, preventing aging, preventing and supporting the destruction of cancer cells, improving cardiovascular health and blood pressure … However, nowadays false products appear on the market using dyeing chemicals, creating a sharp smell. a real saffron. "This is extremely dangerous for consumer health," Dr. Hai pointed out.

When used, users can not know which gun product is painted with which substance, composition, dosage. So if you use saffron flower stems of unknown origin, not ensuring long-run quality will affect your health.

Before the actual product disturbance, the sales price of saffron, Mr. Tong Khiem, former director of the National Center for Agricultural Expansion, not just saffron, but all imported goods must be approved by the authorities. The new licensing feature is reliable. These products must have clear labeling and origin. Therefore, even if companies are being represented as exclusive distributors from Iran, Egypt or Dubai, buyers also need to check the license information issued by the authorities, to find out about the product. before buying.

In addition, when deciding on purchasing saffron, buyers should also "pocket" ways to distinguish between actual and false products. Accordingly, there are 5 common ways of identifying as follows:

"First, by color differentiation, the saffron blossoms are really dark red, evenly colored. Secondly, the spindle saffron is really sweet, not bitterly. Third, the beak smells on honey and hay. Fourth, when you get wet in the water, a real floral gun lasts more than 10 minutes to produce golden, beautiful water. Even for so long, the gun does not break. Fifth, when mixing saffron with water and bicarbonate, real balls make the water become yellow while the water becomes red in the orange, "Khiem said.

Saffron spindle is not a case of import or conditional import ban as set out in Regulation No. 69/2018 / ND-CP of 15 May 2018 of the Government on Foreign Trade Management. the saffron flowers are subject to quarantine plants prior to the customs clearance in accordance with Appendix 3 – List of objects subject to quarantine plants issued together with the Circular no. 24/2017 / TT-BNNPTNT of 15 November 2017 Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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