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Raspet's mother to heal for "

On November 30, Phan Anh Dung, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Municipalities Phuoc Loi (Ben Luc municipality, Long An) confirmed in the municipality that it was "" to nail our mother's head to cure serious victims of the disease in order to catch up.

"After receiving news of people, functional forces checked the house of husband and wife Le Dung Tam and Mrs. To Thuy Ngoc Hang uncovered a woman lying on the floor, her hands tied, her head covered with cloth and wrapped in her head."

"By check, the identified cruisers are Le Thi Truong, 58, mother Tam, and when it was discovered, Mrs. Zhang was in critical condition and was sent to an emergency hospital." Said Mr. Dung.

Zhang was collected by the religious faith

Zhang was collected by the religious faith

After investigating Tamu's home and his wife, the police discovered 79 books and 23 CDs related to "Unrealistic Legal Science of the Mystic Law", a portrait of Luonga Si Hang Master and two tickets to attend the International HIV / AIDS Conference in Cambodia and Thailand.

Presented in the investigative body, Tam said both moved from Ho Chi Minh City to Long An in 2014 to work. When they first came to the Phuoc Loi commune, Tam and his wife Tien Kim Phat (who lived in the same municipality) presented a book on meditation teaching with elaborate "unconditional" textbooks.

To practice this elaborate, the practitioner must shave his head, while sitting in a meditation can only drink water, eat vegetables, not eat rice. In 2016 they also traveled to Cambodia for the "International Inclusion Conference".

About 8/2018. The pair sent home with cultivation and invited Mrs. Zhang to cultivate together to quickly become a "result". Mrs Zhang also shaved her head and eats only water, eats vegetables, does not eat rice. On October 31, after 3 days and 3 nights of continuous meditation, Tam showed abnormalities and suggested that Mrs. Zhang should be sent to the head to be treated.

November 11, afraid of your mother-in-law, thank you for the audio message of your neighbors. Receiving news, many neighbors must intervene, but tam lock door does not give.

PM 1/11, Tam said so many spirits home so the couple left Ho Chi Minh City, leaving Mrs. Zhang lying motionless in the house. On November 2, Mrs. Zhang was rescued by rescue forces and taken to emergency cases.

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