Saturday , January 23 2021

Recommendation to degrade Police Officer with handbags

as AP On the social network site Facebook appeared video for more than 1 minute with the content of the girl in the video is often beaten by a boyfriend, attack … Specially beautiful girl also the boy used a few occasions foxes.

The girl was arrested by Lieutenant Phuc in the motel room.

The girl was arrested by Lieutenant Phuc in the motel room.

After the clip expands on social networks, many claim that the story of an individual girl is not discussed, but the fox on such people is illegal.

The authorities then went to check and identify, and the girl with the handcuffs in the upper lip was Lieutenant Dinh Van Phuc (Cam Trung Command Cam Xuyen County).

According to Mr. Phuca's explanation, the incident occurred in June 2018 at the motel room in Ha Tinh. At this point, Mr. Phuc in the room of his girlfriends H. sister plays, then two people quarrel. H. cut off a piece of clothing so Phuc used foxes to lock his lover.

The incident has picked up several phone users, inviting police forces to make a record.

Mr. Phuc works at the Cam Xuyen Police Administration Development Department in 2015. In April he was promoted as a police officer in Cam Trung.

According to police in Cam Xuyen district, after verification, authorities conclude that the case has no criminal element and will be disciplined according to police regulations.

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