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Monday, April 8, 2019 00:02 (GMT + 7)

Moise Kean, "Drogba" constantly scores goals for Juventus, but "Lao's grandmother" has a problem with the "super rode" revival.

Moise Kean scored a goal to help Juventus beat Milan

Since being a hattrick in Atletico, Ronaldo did not play for Juventus for injury when he did the task with Portugal's national team. Approximately at that time, "Lao Ba" continued to receive a regular victory thanks to the high performances of Moise Kean.

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Moise Kean continued to score to help win Juventus

19-year-old striker Obala Slonovača has scored a decisive goal for Juventus in the last three Serie A games. Juventus had difficult moments against Milan without many poles, and when the match was over, Juventus number 18 talked in time with a sharp corner kick .

Earlier, Moise Kean also scored in both matches for Italy. In fact, "Drogba new" had five consecutive shooting games, a respectable achievement for twenty players. If in the last 10 appearances for both teams and national teams, Moise Kean will shoot when playing 20 minutes or more (8 goals).

That is why Max Allegri coach insisted on keeping this young striker in the club despite the recruiting of the world's biggest striker. If Ronaldo is "King," Moise Kean is one of the candidates who will replace the Portuguese super-star in the future.

However, this is unlikely to happen next season. According to the Italian Corriere dello Sport, Juventus has difficulty recovering the Italian striker. The contract of the two parties will end in the summer of 2020, which means that if Juve is not fast, Moise Kean can lose.

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Mino Raiola plans to allow Moise Keanu to replace Ronaldo soon

The cause of this delay is the re-emergence of Mino Raiol. "Super Genus" gave a tiny statement about the new "Drogbi" of the future. "Kean must play regularly, Juventus can not do that, I wanted to bring Keanu to Milan in January, but Juventus prevented him."

The main stone on public good means that Ronaldo must give up his position, which is an incredible story in Juventus today. Mino Raiola took the old trick to extend the negotiation period as long as possible, such as Milan Donnarumma or Pogba at MU. Last signing of the contract, Juve must also "sweat" to go find … Moise Kean plugs for the "super rode" request.

Currently, Ronaldo is on leave, so Kean uses it naturally. However, when the Portuguese superstar returned, he did not understand how Juventus would solve this difficult problem? Leaving a player worth 100 million euros and earning the highest salary for this team to meet the 20-year-old player, this is a crazy story.

Juventus - Milan:

(Serie A Series 31) Juventus have passed the match against AC Milan.

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