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"Shell" international practice, "gut" very Vietnam

At the seminar "Management and Management of Governance Restructuring in the Context of Globalization" was held today in Hanoi on November 30.

Dr. Vu Dinh Anh, an economist, said that many times we were not happy to be aligned with state-owned enterprises, we have to worry about management after equilibrium.

Dr. Vu Dinh Anh, economist

Dr. Vu Dinh Anh, economist

"At present, many state-owned companies own 50 to 60 percent of the capital, which means holding and dominating all aspects of business." He called for equality, "Anh said.

According to TS Vu Dinh Anh: "The nature of business ownership in the world is mainly composed of two forms of state ownership and private ownership." The skills of the world to apply, "Anh said.

What is worried is that international standards should be applied only formally. However, the distance between form and reality is not the same.

"We have a shell that applies to management skills in accordance with international practice." However, the important fact is that we have a stomach of Vietnam, still an old business leader. "Anh said.

Two examples of TS Anha show weak and ineffective management skills and lack of control: Mobifone Telecom Corporation Spends Big Money to Buy "AVG and Vietnamese Electricity (EVN) and TKV (Vietnam Coal and Mineral Group) did not agree on the payment mechanism, the sales price of coal caused a lot of noise.

According to Dr. Sc. Canu Lucu, a finance and banking expert, state property management skills after the role reveal a fundamental weakness.

He said that there are two levels of corporate governance in the world, one without the Supervisory Board, the other with the Supervisory Board, but independent control over the entire board.

According to Luc, most companies in Vietnam apply a different form, but the Supervisory Board does not have a lot of powers and weaknesses to control, so it seems invisible in matters of joint ventures. state industry.

According to the Banking and Finance Expert: There are many problems in the managerial skills of Vietnamese state-owned enterprises after stocks that are disciplined, transparent and fair have not been implemented or applied half to that.

"The World Bank, OECD, small shareholders must have equity in decisions as majority shareholders, and in Vietnam decisions are still in the hands of large shareholders. However, the world has proved that this is wrong because too much focus on the rights and jobs of a person will leave a vision , focus on the matter, "he said. Luc said.


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