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Should you offer early years to go home or travel?

Thursday, January 31, 2019 10:00 (GMT + 7)

Many people are wondering how to offer a year and offer early years to go home to celebrate Lunar New Year when homeowners lose happiness.

According to Dr. Tran Huuu Sinu – vice president of the Vietnamese Association for Folk Art, the annual meal is a ritual that calls Mr. Congo and Mr. Tao to the world to continue to govern the kitchen after seeing it in the sky. December 23rd.

In addition, a meal at the end of the year also makes sense to reunite, summon grandparents, grandparents and deceased people to celebrate Tet with their children and grandchildren. At the end of the year, the meal is an indicator of the connection between the generations of Vietnamese families, the exhilaration of the old year and the celebration of the new year, full of hope for good things.

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The rice ball is a year of worship. (Illustration)

That's why the older tray was more complex than usual.

Accordingly, bids must be prepared for a ceremony at the end of the year, depending on the region, which has its own characteristics, such as north or bamboo with pork, vermicelli, chicken, sticky rice, banch chung, spring rolls, silk ribbons , roasted rows …; Central region or have banh chung, banh tet, silk roots, chicken squeeze leaves, cooked pork, acid price …; South Vietnam has a cake, bamboo shoots, meat salad, scampi meat and salad, spring rolls, spring rolls.

The rice bowl is either a vegetarian year with all New Year's meals, and is handled in a tasty and clean way, and the presentation must be full and dignified.

Before questions, families should offer early years to go home or travel, cultural masters Nguyen Duc Hien, the Vietnamese Institute for Cultural and Cultural Science, said families could offer bids. last year.

Culture expert Nguyen Duc Hien explains that it is a day because of the owner's mind.

"Spirit in the ego, spirituality in the ego is sacred or not for me, just be honest," said cultural expert Nguyen Duc Hien.

Culture Master Nguyen Duc Hien presents the current year of folk song:

Namo Amitabha Buddha! (3 times)

– I respect nine suns, ten Buddha, ten Buddha.

– I respect the Lord and the Earth and worship you.

– I respectfully worship Mr. Kim Tuoy, the leader of Thai Tua, the god of religion.

– With respect I adore the Scenes of the Great King's God.

– With respect I worship the Spirit of God the Earth.

– I adore to you Ngu Phuong, Ngu Tho, Long ve, Tai Than, God the Godfather, and all the gods who rule this country.

– I respect the respected Cao Tang To Dieu, Cao Tangu Tyu, the grandfather of Tien Lin …

Today is December 30 … …

Credits (those) children are: …

Stay on …

Before the project, I respectfully submit: The East end is over, years of exhaustion are the same, spring is near and comes next year.

We and all families of families were born with flowers, rich rice soup, repair of all-year ceremonies, offering worship to the God of worship and worship of ancestors, reciting ghosts.

As usual, besides the charges, worship the gods, state the first generation, the pre-emperor's attitude, the spirit of the forest and the eyebrows, enjoy the blessings and bless the whole family. old children are prosperous and prosperous, they are as good as they are, thousands of good things, always a healthy, harmonious family.

The bishop's heart sometimes wondered, worshiped the religious gods, and the first in exile to testify to the blessing.

Namo A-di-da Buddha (3 times, 3 bowls).

Replace the Tet meals with crunchy roasted chunks and crunchy cartilage, kids compete for food

If you have a few days in Tet, do not, bamboo shoot, vermicelli, try to make this dish, fried chicken noodles when dipped with soy sauce …

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