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Speaking of the report "Together, Seeking Only 12 Boycotts" in Fraud by the Pug Department, PewPew has received criticism from the nineteenth

In the last few days, the case of YouTube Khoa Pug (whose real name is Nguyen Anh Khoa) in front of the Aroma Resort Resort area (Binh Thuan) is a fraud, even threatening clients attracted interest. public opinion.

Shortly thereafter, the Resort had more than 5,000 reviews with 1 star, and the name "Aroma Resort" on Google has also been changed to "Aroma Resort 2trs Scam".

On April 6 in the evening, after receiving a letter of apology from the lawyer's aroma resort, Pug said,If the event ends here, he will gladly accept it because he does not want to go any further to make a lot of noise. "

Talking about

The Faculty of Prefectural Resort Aroma approached the scams, threatening to attack him, attracting millions of views to his demographic Youtube channel.

Talking about the story about the boycott of only 12 employees in the case of fraud by the Mops Department, PewPew received criticism from the Netizens - Figure 2.

He also requested a patchwork incident, and left the Resort after the riots

However, the online community said that the content of the "letter of apology" has no sincerity, the place mainly gives the words to justify their employees and the guilty of customers. So netizens continue to "call" the rating of this resort at the 1-star level, and many hotels with close-fitting names also "widen" when it's wrong to think it's a mess.

People who seldom speak of "people," and recently the PewPew (whose real name is Hoang Van Khoa) tapes have expressed their views on this issue on their personal Facebook page.

In the article, he did not analyze the truthfulness and misstatement of the case, but mostly expressed the disapproval of "monitoring" the majority of the Internet community in Vietnam. PewPew said that many people do not really understand the problem, they only hear the story from one side that has hurriedly hurried to the mass, reported and voted for a star for a place simply because "I like, I'm reporting to people"AND"I do not need any responsibility for your online actions. "

At the same time, he spoke of the spread of many other resorts due to the same name.

Speaking of "Reporting Each Report, Seeking Only 12 Boycotts" in the Mop Ministry's Fraud, PewPew received criticism from the Netizens - Figure 3.

Share PewPew on your personal Facebook page.

Speaking of "Reporting Each Report, Seeking Boycott for Only 12 Employees" in the Mops Department's Fraud, PewPew received criticism from the Netizens - Figure 4.

Shortly thereafter, PewPew wiped out the post before the wave of public opinion.

Immediately after sharing, the stremer has received thousands of comments and comments. Most uninitiated seem to have a negative attitude towards this settlement, causing PewPew to receive many disagreements.

Distribution of V.L.T.L account: "I can not vote for people, I just hate the way" the head of a goat sells meat for dogs "and how to cope with the lack of professionalism of reception and resorts. If the place from the beginning does not deceive the buyers, it has no effect. I understand what PewPew wants to protect its employees, but resort 4 * has to properly show its level. So, I do not agree with Pew's point … "

"Although I love you, but I disagree with this attitude … Do not contend with many people who report to each other. Under the "stages" there are misguided things, but there are things that society needs to cure. Because the person who faced the case is the Faculty of Mops, it has an impact so many people know that if he meets others, it is hidden … ", share account D.A.L.

There are a lot of people who disagree with his position in the article so much that he has to call, people are put in the position of the receptionist so that they can look back on things in the other direction.

"There are people who are calm enough to think that if I were a receptionist, how would I go to work as a cameraman? There are a lot of people who think, if they are, their clients will be like. Everyone has continued a little, is not it … "he shared PewPew.

Speaking of "Reporting Each Report, Seeking Boycott of Only 12 Employees" in the Mops Department's Deception, PewPew received criticism from the Netizens - Figure 5.

PewPew invites people to get to the reception position to look at things in the other direction.

At the moment, before the wave of public opinion, PewPew cleared that post and also expressed the opinion of looking after 1 star, report, or page loss.

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