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Supermodel If Anh will immediately "give up on her husband" if she issues her wife, not the children for patience

"Mother Milk Milk" If you do not accept your wife betrayed for any reason.

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Recently, on his personal page, Ha Anh shared his views on whether or not he had forgiven or had not forgiven her husband's adultery, causing her to "wake up". Apparently, her looks did not change, Ha Anh never thought she would "insist on a child" like many other sisters.

I'll be right back in the day. No matter how good or bad you are - 1

Supermodel Ha Anh has attracted attention when it comes to adultery.

"The day before I said," If my man betrayed me, I would give up immediately … No forgiveness, first and second. "" Then they all told me, Whenever I have kids, I'll understand, I'll change my mind to insist on you. "Maybe the old situation of a woman in relation to a different society I now have children to understand the feeling of motherhood Imagine the life of my mother without the role of my father and I would like to say," If my spouse betrays me, I would go, one mother said.

If Anh also entrusted, no matter how much the role of husband, father important to the family, children can not ignore the traitor. She does not want her children growing up in the family that their parents are always suspicious. "Every day I have a father to be happy and happy to grow up in love with both parents, both love each other, but if the cold grows, the pain of beliefs are broken, distrust and fear of the day, it is better to leave a picture of the parent but separately, but still.

I'll be right back in the day. If you love me, I love you - 2

If Anh does not accept a treacherous husband for any reason.

Along with your drawings, Ha. He did not forget to advise women need to live for themselves. And he will open his heart to love someone soon after his wife divorce. "And I'll open that I love others right away, women have to be happy, not so. A nice new one can have their happiness, their children", Ha Anh "locked".

Immediately after sharing, Ha Anha's contact with confidence gained a lot of compassion from fans and friends. Most people think that women who want to be happy must have their own life. You must love before you loved him and treated him.

I'll be right back in the day. If you love me, I do not care - 3

Currently, Ha Anh has a happy family with his wife and pretty prince "Myla".

Supermodel If Anh floats, laughing at those who talk to his baby slow development is crazy

If Anh's reaction to the sister of milk says, "It is true that every mother moving towards me is not calm."

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