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Susan Durian gardens were poisoned, with a loss of over 300 million dinars

On June 29, a police chief in Ea Yong County in the Krung Pak district (Dak Lak) said the unit had just collaborated with district police to check and identify the cause of the Durian home of Mr. Le Quang Truong (In 1974, the village of Phuoc Hoa, Ea Yong, lost fruit, causing hundreds of millions of VNDs.

The suspicion of the Durian Garden is poisonous, over 300 million VND - 1
The dozen roots of Durian Truong family lost abnormal fruits (photo Đ.H)

Also, according to the leaders, authorities took samples to check and clarify the cause of the fruit fall. In particular, information about someone who is drugged or not has no confirmation.

During the exchange, Truong said that in mid-June 2019 he sprinkled the growth of 88 durian trees in the garden. A few days later, Mr. Truong discovered that Durian suddenly suffered a sudden loss of fruit, while other households in the commune also sprang up.

It is suspected that the garden is durian poisonous, damaging over 300 million VND - 2
Mr Truong's family suspected there was a man who had poisoned his family garden durian

"I suppose it was in the process of spraying the poison that removed the poison in the water so that my house durian fell. Estimated damage to the Durian garden is about 300 million, so I hope the authorities will come to such a conclusion, "Truong said.

Mr. Truong also said that his family had not been in conflict with others from the past.

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