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Thursday, 31.1.2019 10:03 (GMT + 7)

After the war, the police agency had enough reason to identify another person who was wildly involved in torture at the karaoke bar.

In a conversation with journalists on January 31, a police chief in Ea Hoca Leo, Dak Lak province, said the agency had just decided to prosecute the accused and ban the abandonment of residence for Pham Tan Cuong (SN 1995, residing in Ea Drang, Ea Leo District) to investigate in order to clarify the act of intentional injury.

The boss case & # 34; digging & # 34; Cruel torture for girls: Processing of another object - 1

The case of Nguyen Huy Thai in the investigative agency

Earlier, the investigative agency also accused the accused and sent a two-month imprisonment for Nguyen Huy Thai (SN 1995, residing in Ea Dangu) with the same conduct.

The results of the research have shown that Thai and Cuong together tormented and severely beat Nguyena Thi Nhu Q. (17, living in Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak province).

Cuong is Thailand's junior in a specialized gang, "digging" for karaoke bars in the province of Ea H & Leo and Gia Lai.

As newspaper Nguoi Lao Dong in EA H & O leo has repeatedly reflected, Thai girls have organized 14 girls to attend karaoke booths on demand. On average, the girl works about 4 shifts a day and is paid 200,000 VND / shifts. In it, Thai enjoyed 100,000 dong and kept the remaining amount and said that the end of the month would pay for the girls.

The boss case & # 34; digging & # 34; Cruel torture for girls: Processing another object - 2

Nguyen Thi Nhu Q. wildly tortured two subjects

On December 26, 2016, Mr. Q was invited by friends in the district of Ea H & # 39; leo to work and shared a house with 13 girls who were stewardess karaoke bars. Here, Thai asked Mr. Q to serve in karaoke bars on request. The first time I went to work, I was depressed by the guest so I came out to win the Thai.

On January 13, Mr. Q. was suspected of stole four phones from the hosts so that the Thai fox used 8 foxes and used items such as knives, pens, keys … 12 to 5 am the next day, two consecutive days.

In the early morning of January 15, using sleeping items, Mr. Q. fled from home and went home to people seeking help.

The girl is

The suspicion that a 17-year-old girl stole 4 karaoke stewardess phones, and the boss put fingers on me …

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