Tuesday , May 18 2021

The Czech magazine praised the incredible performance of Philip Nguyen

In the recent match Slovan Liberec, goalkeeper Filip Nguyen has been instrumental in helping the Slavia Praha opposition team – the team has experienced a series of nine consecutive victories.

In this game Slavia plays at home and tries to win the 10th place at the top of the table. However, during 90 minutes, the archers from Prague were almost helpless in front of goalkeeper Filip Nguyen.

In 10 hosts, Boril just scored once in the net. Thanks to Filipa Nguyen's excellence, Slovan Liberec's public figures are convinced to wait for the opportunity. They only fired once, but Breite ended up balancing.

After Filip Nguyen won the Best Player Award, the Idnes magazine in the Czech Republic had to take the title "Filip Nguyen has his own match. He is the goalkeeper of this wagon after winning over Slavia Praha."

Attacker Jan Boril praises his opponent "His hands are really great", At the same time as his disciple, coach Trpisovsky gave the wings to the Vietnamese original goalkeeper: "He's really awesome".

When he heard it, Filip Nguyen smiled confusedly:It's important that we won 1 point. Regardless of me or not, the defense fits well. But this is also the tomb in my best games.

Filip Nguyen's remarkable performance will make the VFF and Coach Park Hang Seo worse to invite foreign Vietnamese players to compete for the national team. Earlier a student born in 1992 gave green light when he wanted to return to Vietnam to create a career and contribute to the national team.

However, there were no official VFF offers to some Vietnamese foreign players such as Filip Nguyen or Alexander Dang.

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