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The damp, dark purple throughout the week is not afraid of "hot scenes"

When he played Cuc in the Girl Girls movie in the town, actress Thu Trang had a problem because the voice … was so beautiful.

Segment Chrysanthemum was almost raped by director Li in the movie Girl of the City (Video source: Youtube)

Closer, drama Girls in town more and more public attention. The content of the film is a true story of the hidden corners of the lives of four rural girls in the city where they work as employees, hoping to change their lives.

In these four figures, the oldest sister of Cuc is the dearest person who always cares about children. A character playing Cuc is also the eldest of four girls – actor Thu Trang.

I do not know how to play movies: I want to find a person who has no movie & # 34; - 1

It can be said that the role of Cuc's "touching tape" in the segment of drama Thu Trang. Although strangely faced by television viewers, the actress is familiar with those who love theater with a 10-year-old theater dedication.

Also, due to formal training for the drama stage, Thu Trang has the difficulty of not coinciding with three actors because the voice is too "standard and beautiful". At the beginning of the film, the actress was often caught in a voice when she forgot her voice, but she remembered her voice, her voice being "dramatic". Then, with the help of people in the group, her voice is also a gradual "life", a true drama.

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Right from the first episode Girls in townWith Tranga's character, viewers were scared of concerns about the fate of young women who had to leave their hometown to work in the city and face many pitfalls. Since beauty is so salty, Cuc quickly gets the green face of Lya's (Writing Thai). Cuc just wanted to have peace and make money at home, but it became difficult because Ly fell in love with her beauty.

Capital is a man of excellence, Ly despite having a lover, but still wants to go to Cucu. Five times seven turns were managed by managers, Cuc only knew to escape, but he did not dare to make a big deal. However, once, taking advantage of the time when everyone went home, Fat tried to cheat her in the room and tried to force her.

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Although not open, this is a sensitive scene that many viewers responded. Trang himself, when the reporter contacted her, also experienced: "After selecting an acting career, each person needs to equip so that even if it falls into any situation, it can not be difficult.

When creating online scenes of violent behavior characters, we must do well to make a mentality of character. At this time the cropping of unnecessary scenes is too bare and can still show the inner character.

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The scene was raped by the factory manager, and there was plenty of time for me and the crew as I had to go much back and forth. As I fought, she darted with my star, I had a great influence, and there was a lot of bruising on my body. After the mission was over, I was tired, tired all week after that. "

In addition, Thu Trang also confirmed that he did not hesitate to close the hot scene if the episodes were faithful to the emotions and circumstances of the character. "The hot scene is just like a spice. I personally do not have too much hot market, right now art, at that time."

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During the closing the actress did not forget to disclose Girls in town then there is an international director who has invited her to play a girlfriend with 3 husbands, in the movie there are many hot scenes. But in the end, Thu Trang still decided to refuse, not because of fear, but because he was coinciding with the current drama.

Another special thing is that, as in the movie, besides the life of the first generation, 9X has a quiet life for single mothers with their young son. But Thu Trang reported and entrusted: "After reading the Scene of Girls in the City, I found Cuc with real life with too many common things and she might be happy to say that director Vu Truong Khoa favored that role."

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The tragedy of every Vietnamese movie is silver: all acidity is on sale

To be abused, acidic, to sell children … – the disaster of women in modern Vietnamese movies has scared the audience.

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