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The district district president became an expert after many scandals

On November 20, the head of Tuy Dzukc district confirmed that the same day, the Dak Nong People's Committee announced the transfer of Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Long, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, President of the National Council Tuy Duc (Province of Dak Nong). Mr. Long moved to work as an expert in managing the Dak Nong geological park.

Fourth President down as an expert after many scandals - Picture 1.

People's Committee Tuy Duc where Mr. Long is president

According to the transfer decision, Mr Long will officially accept a new job from 3 December 2018. Mr. Long is responsible for handing over all papers, related documents to the agency from now until November 30th.

Earlier on May 18, Provincial Party of the Dak Nong Provincial Party conducted disciplinary measures against the party with Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Long, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of the National Committee Tuy Duc. G. Long voluntarily signed the decision to issue a land use certificate; Responsible for many offenses in the area where they are responsible; Sign decisions on appointing numerous staff, including their brothers and sisters, when they have not yet met the conditions.

On August 24, 1818, the President of the National Committee, Dak Nong, also signed a disciplinary decision against Mr Long because since 2013, he and his wife have rented money from individuals with money since 2013. large, interest rates that are higher than the regulations; They have not fulfilled their obligations, have debts many times, do not have the ability to pay debts, which causes a dismissal.

President of the National Board Dak Nong signed on October 1, 1818, a temporary 15-day suspension for Nguyen Ngoc Long, chairman of the People's Crowd Tuy Duc, to "test the signs of the crime." , handling of accountability for related offenses.

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