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The latest information on the wedding wedding ceremony saved the grooms to dampen

Story of the bride "hug" married money escaped to Dien Bien received the attention of netizens

Previously, T. T (born in 1995, living in Thai Nguyen), came to visit his family L.T.A (born in 1999, Dien Biena) to apply for a wedding. Her mother, L.T.A, has a challenge of 17 million. T.'s mother then handed her money to Mrs. A. and the two families ended the feast.

However, on November 8, 1818, when T.'s family received news such as lightning over his ear, A. fled from the house and the family could not get in touch. Mr T. added that apart from all the money for the wedding challenge, A. also brought a total of 9 million wedding coins to his parents.

It is known that T. and A. know each other for a month to lead a wedding. So far Mr. T. is still very sad, shocked and does not understand the reason why ironic falls in that situation.

The story still attracts unswerving attention with lots of comments and sharing. Many people are curious about the reasons for the bride to behave as before the time to float to her husband.

Memorandum of understanding of internal solutions between two families

According to PV, the "bride fleeing" family of Na Tong (Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province). In the evening of November 12, a talk with a journalist, Mr Van Van Bien, the president of the National Council of Na Tonga confirmed the incident's record.

According to Mr. Bien, the authorities in the Na Tong Commune know nothing about A. married. "The couple did not report for marriage in the municipality. I just know they invited their cousins ​​to eat.

On November 8, we got a report from the groom family that Mrs. A. had donated money for the wedding to escape. At this time we only know the incident, "Bien said.

Mr. Bien added that, before he had no voice, the girl was a hired worker and rarely saw the locals. Mrs. A. family economy is also difficult.

After receiving the information, the police at Comoros Na Tong went to investigate the incident. However, at the meeting, two families proposed filming and internal solving.

By agreement, two families agreed not to accept the wedding and cancel the wedding. At the same time, the girl has the responsibility to repay $ 17 million to challenge the married bride.

Tuan Khang
According to Plus Life / GĐVN

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