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They reported publicly about the crimes of each other, with the faces of both parents

Many well-known couples, even divorced, make the media and the public "crazy" with "fighters", even until now there have been no signs of stopping.

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Phi Thanh Van and Bao Duy

Phi Thanh Van and Bao Duy met at random in Ho Chi Minh City in July 2014. Only four months after they met, the two were engaged in the admiration of public opinion. These thoughts will be happy and strong, but reality is not so because Phi Thanh Van and Bao Duy often argue, disagreement.

Although every time Bao Duy caused an alarm when he had cut short joints to prove his love for his wife, the couple officially divorced in March 2017 after three years of common life. For the first time after "everyone's way," Bao Duy and Phi Thanh Van have always been out of the "war" of bad words and chanted for custody. Finally, a joint son of two people, Tan Ducu, was tried in court for Phi Thanh Van.

May 5/2018, Phi Thanh Van suddenly "prospered" her former husband did not fulfill her son's obligations. According to the "Queen of Scissors," Bao Duy sent her only $ 10 million for a month to subsidize her children, since then she has remained silent. Faced with the "criminal persecution" of the ex-wife, Bao Duy also confirmed the incident, but with special reasons and a series of evidence proving he did not lie.

When they lived together, Phi Thanh Van and Bao Duy had constant disagreement.

After the divorce, the two still did not stop fighting, which caused the thrill of public opinion.

Le Phuong and Quach Ngoc Ngoan

The case of divorce Le Phuonga and Quach Ngoc Ngoana also caused the media and the public to be intermingled for a long time. At that time the actress accused her ex-husband of being a gambler, not fulfilling the father's responsibility, but still reported good things.

Le Phuong also discovered that in public her ex-husband always "looks miserable": "When I was confused by the breakdown, but I could not understand the reason, chose the hidden corners of the truth, dotted frightening stories to honor the honor of women with soft limbs. , to prove his sword, morality. He took everybody's trust, enjoying the sympathy of others, and seemed poor to the poor. "

Le Phuong once wrote a long post on his personal page "condemning" Quach Ngoc Ngoana.

The actress claimed to have plagued the way of life of Guo Yu Ngoan, for he had to force himself to endure the people, the things he said was disgusting and contemptuous in exchange for the title "gentleman gentleman." "funny.

In addition, Le Phuong did not hide the fact that her husband had borrowed money for personal needs on several occasions. According to Le Phuong, money was replaced by sweat, tears, even blood. To have this money, she was also forced to leave her children and work hard to support her family. But then she did not need it anymore, accepting divorce and raising empty-handed children: "As if to use that money for charitable purposes, I buy the virtue for my children, I buy peace in my heart before the waves that my head was laying in order to make money peaceably for the baby."

Also by actress, Quach Ngoc Ngoan did not care about her, she wears luxury goods all day, partying, no time to call and text, not to say "5 days to visit me once" as she has ever shared in the newspapers. Meanwhile, she has to work to get the money to buy each baby milk box.

Through sharing Le Phuong, public opinion was very unexpected about actor Quach Ngoc Ngoan.

Divovi Duc An and Ngoc Thuy

Ngoc Thuy – Duc Gigant decided to marry only after 7 days of meeting. Coming fast, this love affair between the giants and the long legs broke after only 13 months of common life. Goodbye in 2008, Duc An – Ngoc Thuy still has a lot of contradictions, though both have been reappeared.

In 2011, Duc An sued Ngoc Thuy appropriated 288 billion yuan of property. During his stay in Paris, due to his US citizenship, he asked his wife to run for shares, automobiles and real estate … for a purchase in Vietnam. The money was confirmed by Giant before the marriage with the model Ngoc Thuy. He also expressed the desire to use this dispute to his children.

In 8/2018, Rumors that the Duc A giants were forced by the American court to settle a lawsuit with their former wife. Accordingly, Ngoc Thuy sued Duc An for 10 years without giving 2 daughters in the amount of $ 35 million. Even two sides have been tempted by Ngoc Thuy to sue Phan Nhu Thao (Duc An's new wife), who lied to me for kidnapping the baby in 2018.

The lavish divorce of Duc An and Ngoc Thuy is undoubtedly the most ubiquitous and stupid Vbiza event ever.

In addition, when Ngoc Thuy and former husband Duc An disputed property after divorce, the mother of the female model unexpectedly agreed to her old zeta, revealing the "celestial" stories of her daughter in the media. , The incident became even harder when Ngoc Thuy filed a lawsuit against his biological mother to go to court to regain $ 5 million in the villa – which his mother called many years ago. Having realized that her mother intended to transfer the villa to Duc An or a third person, she decided to sue her mother in spite of shameless remarks.

Of course, after a string of divorce, disloyalty, litigation, the relationship between Ngoc Thuy and her biological parents is almost impossible to save. The lawsuit was resolved, also when the female model shared with members of her family, including her parents and younger brother.

Also because of this mess, Ngoc Thuy and her younger family can not be watched.

Lam Vinh Hai and Ly Phuong Chau

In August 2016, Ly Phuong Chau suddenly discovered that she and Lam Vinh Hai concluded a divorce proceedings, ending an 11-year affair. Only a few months later, Lam Vinh Hai publicly favored Linh Chiu. At that time, former wife Ly Phuong Chau published a sex-masculine adulterous dancer before divorce, even a statement that Linh Chi caused her termination of marriage.

Since then, Linh Chi and Ly Phuong Chau have constantly fought, attacking each other on social networks. Until 8/2017, Ly Phuong Chau suddenly suspected adultery before he broke away from the dancer Hien Hien. After several days of silence, Hien Sen publicly admitted Ly Phuong Chau publicly to hundreds of university students in Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2/2019, after divorce, the law continued to return to Lam Vinh Hai when he discovered that 2 years since Ly Phuong Chau had allowed his daughter to celebrate Tet with her and her family. Responding to her ex-wife, Li Fangzhou has published a series of "primary" evidence to encourage every child. So far the story of divorce Lam Vinh Hai and Ly Phuong Chaua still does not end.

Lam Vinh Hai – Ly Phuong Chau officially divorced in 2016 after 11 years together.

Since then, both have been "fighting" on social networks.

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