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Troi has been re-prosecuted, this time about the crime of "Abuse of Position and Authorization to Affect Others to Profit" In the Land

Investigative Police Agency (CSDT) The Ministry of Public Safety (C01) is conducting an investigation to resolve violations involving the Dinh Ngoc system (ie Ut Troi) and the Thai Son Investment Development joint stock company. QP sets appear in the city of Hanoi.

to follow Electronic portal of the Ministry of Public Security: The investigation procedure in the case, on January 29, 2019, the Ministry of Public Security issued a decision on criminal prosecution, on the decision that the accused be charged by Dinh Ngoc He (ie Ut Troi), Former Chairman of the Steering Board, former Managing Director of Thai Son Bo QP, about the act of "abuse of office and powers to influence other people for personal gain", prescribed by Article 358 of the Criminal Code of 2015.

"Following the approval of the above-mentioned procedural decisions by the Supreme People's Procurator, on 30 January 2019, the Secretariat of the Ministry of Public Security conducted a procedure in accordance with the provisions of the law. ", Writes this port.

There is a noticeable detail, this time the agency has taken the decision to prosecute the Dinh Ngoc system to be C01 of the Ministry of Public Security. For the last time (3 December 2017), the Criminal Investigation Agency – the Ministry of Defense carried out the prosecution and the temporary detention of a former army lieutenant named "Uses".

As we know, in November 2018, at the appellate trial, the Central Military Human Tribunal confirmed that the defendant Dinh Ngoc He ("Ut Troi", former military lieutenant, former deputy general director of the Thai Son Corporation), the Ministry of Defense committed a crime Abuse of position and authority when performing official duties and Use fake organizer documents, just like the first instance verdict. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Thus, "Ut truong" is charged with another crime: abusing the position and authority to influence other people to profit.

The problem is that it influenced who "affected" and what an incident?

sheet Refer to the source to find out some details. "Source said Ut" Troi "was prosecuted for new crimes due to signs of violation of the BOT project Viet Tri Bridge – where Thai Son Bo QP owns 40% of the shares," these newspapers are included in the newsletter & Elav was prosecuted for crimes involving the BOT project Viet Tri Bridge.

Earlier, as reported by VietTimes, a number of people allegedly close to skinhead were also prosecuted and detained on charges of "breaches of land management regulations". Article 229 Criminal Code 2015, such as Colonel Tran Trong Tuan – Deputy Director of Hai Thanh Company (a member of the naval army); Vu Thi Hoan – former director of Yen Khanh Company Limited (Yen Khanh), Yen Khanh-Hai Thanh Joint Stock Company.

Or closer (January 2019), the arrest of four subordinates of Vu Thi Hoan in the Yen Khanh Group Joint Stock Company, in the event of a fight with illicit trading and using Yen Khanh Group's Long Branch Subsidiary Company to cover revenue collection, tax evasion occurred on toll booths on Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong Highway.

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