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Truck ride in order to counter and collapse the highway traffic police command

Driving a truck against, throwing a commanding traffic police pole on a highway - 1
Vehicle Fraud Phap Van – Cau Giay 16/7, the driver has an attitude to oppose people on duty (photo: Quan Do)

The incident took place around 19:00 on the Phap Van – Cau Gie highway toll point. The driver named Pham Van Thuyet (36, the province of Ha Nam) drove a truck carrying the 90C-052.88 seabed. The vehicle owner is Truong Linh Transport and Trading Co., Ltd, Thanh Liem, the province of Ha Nam.

As stated in PV APWhen the 90C-052.88 truck passes through the toll booth, the task force suspects that the vehicle has signs of violation, so it stops for checking and checking.

At that time, the driver did not obey the command of the traffic police (traffic police) who deliberately tried to find the escape route. After passing the first course, the driver continued to drive at a high speed of traffic commanding force personnel who blocked 2.

Prior to the action of the driver, the force firmly stopped the car and asked the driver to comply with the request to control the violation. Knowing that the driver could not escape, the driver was forced to stop the car but was in the wrong position when he was parked in the middle of the road and buried in the cabin, opening the phone for numerous calls.

By professional measures, the traffic forces forced the driver to comply with the regulations and to include the camera to record the entire incident, perform the weighing of the weight of the vehicle, deal with public and transparent offenses.

The driver then decided to carry over 76% of the cargo, with no signs of alcohol content violation.

Functional forces were imposed an administrative penalty of 6 million VNDs for driver Pham Van Thuyet, deprived of driving license rights for 2 months and a fine to VND30 million.

Also in the evening of 16/7, the traffic police controlled 6 cases of alcohol concentration, but did not find any violations.

Over the past 1 week, traffic forces have placed 25 records for overcharged vehicles, punished for about RSD 350 million, deprived of driving license rights of 11 cases of driver violations in the period of 2.5 months. Specifically, the traffic forces said some companies carry logos 5678 and M.A, continuously breaking over 150% overload.

Chau Nhu Quynh

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