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Two-faced pupils are a free four-year dormitory

Two-Ball Students Get Free Four-Year Dormitory - Picture 1.

Thach Thi Sa Pa New Student in Uniforms at Nha Trang University – Photo: PHUONG TOO

This is Thach Thi Sa Pa, Chama student in Bau Trucu, Ninh Phuoc district (Ninh Thuan province), which has just been admitted to the tourism industry in England (tourism and travel management).

Sa said she was the sixth child in a family of 7 children (3 boys and 4 girls). Her father has eyes color green, mother's black eyes Brothers and sisters in the house or eyes like a father or mother, she has two-color eyes.

Sa decided to enroll at Nha Trang University, and the school recruited her into relay students at school by helping enroll and enroll in this year's enrollment season.

She said she had been planning to go to Nha Trang from the beginning of the 12th grade, but because of her family circumstances, she continued to study at home. After graduating from high school, Sa Pa went to Nha Trang and asked him to work at a cafe near Nha Trang University with a salary of 3 million VND / month.

"Today, after being admitted, the school knows I have a difficult situation, so I recruited you to work as a support coordinator in the admission team and I support students to enroll." In a four-year student home and backing me to work more at school, I do not have to work outside, "Sa Pa said.

Speaking of his "weird" eyes, she said, "When I was little, my friends were teasing me, saying that my eyes were like cats, and later on I became aware that many people think their eyes are weird and photographed, so I'm happy. Many people know me. My eyes are heaven, why do you know that. The origin of those eyes belongs to my great-grandfather who is a Frenchman, getting the praise of Cham person.

Science is called the phenomenon of a person who has two eye colors heterochromia iridis – pterygia disorders, rare in humans, but common in animals. According to WebMD, this phenomenon is caused by the parent genetic gene or the eye-related illness that occurs during the formation of the eye. Usually this condition is safe, in some cases a sign of a health problem.

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