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Two youth groups rushed to fight the hospital

Thursday, 31 January 2019 to 21:00 (GMT + 7)

Controversy led to conflict after a traffic crash, after being taken to a hospital to treat two groups of young people who continue to argue, causing hospital unrest.

Two youth groups rushed to fight with a hospital disorder - 1

A picture of a group of people clashing in a hospital.

On January 31, police in Hai Duong Province said the unit was being investigated to clarify the case of two teenage groups spreading in the general hospital Hai Duong.

According to the initial investigation, about 20 o'clock on January 27, a traffic collision with Le Van Dat (SN 2000) and Nguyen Xuan Tung (June 1997) occurred in the railway area (Viet Hoa, Hai Duong) Dinh Van Tu (SN 1979) , residing in Viet Hoa, in the city of Hai Duong. The two sides used the fighting limbs and broken bricks and were intercepted.

And not only that, Tung called Nguyen Ba Tien (SN 1994, who was in the Viet Hoa Division) with the whole group that won the Four, which led to scarring of the scalp and small face.

A few minutes later, Luong Thanh Dung (SN 1987, resident of Thanh Binh), Dong Van Thuan (1980s who stayed in Viet Hoa) and about 3 to 4 people brought blades, iron pipe to the car. broke into Dat, Tien and Tung. Dat and Tien fled, and Tung was injured by the Dung group (Iron Pipe).

Until everyone was involved, Dung's group did not win Tung and left. Then, when Hai (SN 1984, living in Chi Linh City) and Cuong (SN 1998, in Nghe An Province) was Tung's friend and brought Tung to the Hai Duong General Hospital for Emergency Treatment, he met Thuana and Luong Van Duong . (SN 1987), Dinh Van Duy together in Zone 6, Viet Hoa Ward also sent Tua for examination and treatment.

Here the two groups continued to swear and rush in the fight, causing Cuong to break bleeding on his right hand. Then the group of Thieves left. Immediately after receiving the news, the provincial police sent forces to quickly appear at the venue to resolve the case.

The case is actively explored and clarified.

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