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Unexpectedly, Vietnamese specialties are expensive as canned crabs and American lobster

Not to be proud of seafood, just vegetables, but in Vietnam there are some specialties at extremely expensive prices. Even many people compare the prices of that vegetable with the price of giant carcasses or American lobster.

For example, western termite mushroom – a special mushroom that is fully exploited in the wild can not be grown and usually only appears in the gardens of underground terminites. It is noteworthy that a termite fungus occurs only when the western region enters the rainy season, ie the fungi season lasts for a very short time from the May to June lunar calendar.

It is allegedly the "god of the heavens", "the gift of the earth," which makes the western thermic mushroom market costly up to 800,000-1,000,000 VND / kg, even at a time when the price is 1.5 million VND / kg.

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Western termite mushrooms often cost between VND 700,000 and VND 1.500.000 / kg, depending on time

The focal point for mushroom termination in Ho Chi Minh City says that this mushroom is usually found in provinces such as Hau Giang, Ben Tre, Can Tho, … but because they are growing naturally, they are rare. In addition, in order to get the best type of thermic fungi, the local population has to exploit the mushrooms for 3-4 hours because at that time mushrooms still bloom, not yet bloom and the trees are thick.

This mushroom has its sweet taste, so it is possible to make a lot of spicy dishes. Gourmet experts mix with garlic and fat, then make a cup of salt and rice parsley with rice. Some have boiled potatoes, hot pots, …

Though the price of millions, Western thermitic mushrooms is still burning, there is not enough demand, and buyers often order a few pounds each time to process conservation books to prevent food in the freezer. So even if you have money, it is not possible to buy this mushroom.

Likewise, there are also types of stomach floral flowers in Vietnam with a costly price similar to American scales. Because, this flower has a lot of good health benefits. So, in the trio season, people often buy fresh flowers for soup cooking, cook with meat, …

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Flower stomach losses are expensive, but they are still difficult to buy because of seasonal and limited offers

However, the trifolia flowers are only seasonal (from the beginning of July to the beginning of August), supply is also limited, so the market price usually ranges from 600,000 to 800,000 VND / kg of fresh stomach buds.

Gardeners in Lao Caiji or Ha Giang said that the season of flowering often produces 3 flowers, but flowers are the first, the rest is not much. Usually each flower collects only tens of pounds per hectare.

Thus, retailers come to the grocery store at a price of 500,000 VND / kg, and retailers often reject gardeners because they do not sell.

In Hanoi, in the fresh flower season, customers are "waiting" the whole week to order this kind of flower bud to make daily vegetables, despite costing much more expensive than other vegetables sold on the market. .

In addition to the two million dollars veggies, there are also other vegetables that cost twice as many as three times more than American beef, which people love because they are only seasonal: forest and vegetable flowers, sea vegetables (Tien Vua vegetables), Huong pagoda .. .

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