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Unlucky due to traffic jams, rich will spend tens of millions in the sky

Monday, April 8, 2019 at 05:00 (GMT + 7)

One of the customers that this service wants is the leading company, because gold is time for them.

Large cities in Southeast Asia face the problems of traffic jams that many people struggle on a daily basis. A start-up company can have a solution for those with money who want to avoid traffic jams by dividing the helicopter.

Ascent Flights Global will begin providing helicopter sharing services to the Philippines next week. The company plans to expand next year to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Singapore-based company allows users to book online seats for helicopter tours during the morning and afternoon snacks. The target group of this company are the leading companies and those who prefer luxury services. This helicopter flight will fly to areas such as Makati and Taguig in Metro Manila, Ninoy Aquino Airport in Manila and Clark Airport.

Unlucky due to traffic jams, wealthy will spend tens of millions of coins. - 1

The cost of traveling by helicopter is not cheap.

Frankfurt, DE is the most popular connection for one stop flights between Makati and Taguig. The price is 6,900 USD / person / journey (~ 8.3 million VND / person / trip). Flight between airports Ninoy Aquino and Clark costs 25,900 Pesos / 30 minutes (~ 31.5 million), and if you travel by other means it takes 3 hours. INAEC Aviation Corp will provide pilots and helicopters for this service.

If business in the Philippines is successful, Asecent wants to open this service to Bangkok. Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur 2020. Then it expanded to cities in China and Japan. This startup company received investment capital from the REAPRA venture capital company. The company wants to raise additional $ 3-5 million over the next two years to expand its business.

Unlucky due to traffic jams, wealthy will spend tens of millions of coins. - 3

Road traffic to Metro Manila (Philippines).

Recently, Whitesky Aviation launched a helicopter taxi service in Indonesia. This service has about 60 guests a month. Guests can book trips through a mobile application and then park a helicopter.

Flight from the airport to Jakarta center for 20 minutes costs 6 million Rupees / 4 people (~ 9.9 million VND / 4 people). Meanwhile, it will take several hours if guests travel by car.

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