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Up to now unseen events of Vinasun's "Battle" Grab

Friday, November 30, 2012 2:22 PM (GMT + 7)

After many delays to suspend further evidence, Vinasun's trial was filed by Grrab arguing that more than 41 billion contractual losses had unexpected new moves.

Uncertainty in Vinasun Battle with Grab - 1

After nine months, Vinasun filed a lawsuit against Grab for more than $ 41 billion in damages, as the plaintiff and the defendant unexpectedly sought reconciliation.

In the morning of November 30, the People's Court in Ho Chi Minh City still hears the first-instance lawsuit filed by the Sunflower Company of Vietnam (Vinasun) between the plaintiffs and the defendant is Grab Taxi (Grab).

This is a lawsuit that has attracted the attention of the public for more than nine months and after many delays to supplement the evidence that proves the damage if it has them. At previous hearings, both the prosecutor and the accused have accused and criticized on several occasions.

At the hearing, Vinasun and Grab unanimously proposed to the Council to suspend the discussion so that the two sides could sit together to bring the case to a settlement.

After consultation, the Panel has decided to suspend the hearing at both parties' request, the suspension period is no more than one month and will be notified later.

Probably doing Vinasun

The Chamber has decided to suspend the hearing at the request of two parties, and the suspension should not be longer than one month.

Attorney Luu Tien Dung, representative Grab said the lawsuit lasted so long that they were all tired. The fact that the parties can sit together to find a way out of the lawsuit is a very positive sign because there will be no need for a verdict to win and lose, but for the parties themselves to decide.

"Today, we are pleased with the outcome, which is a positive outcome for all when the parties take into account the direction of a solemn solution to solving the case. technology companies can coexist, teach each other to contribute to addressing the huge challenges faced by the transport industry. download, the representative of Grab Vietnam Information.

Meanwhile, attorney Nguyen Hai Van, representative of Vinasun, said the two sides agreed to halt the trial to conclude that the lawsuit was resolved but had to wait for the outcome of the negotiations. Thus, the two sides have their basic goals. During the negotiation process, the two sides will determine what purpose they will abandon and what basic goals they will need to achieve in order to find the exit.

Truong Dinh Quy, Deputy Director-General Vinasun, said the purpose of the lawsuit was to compensate Grab for non-contractual damages so that state agencies no longer release Grab's business operations, Equal and Healthy Competitiveness, which secures the interests of domestic companies as well as humans.

Probably doing Vinasun

Many Vinasun drivers are focusing on the area ahead of TP this morning

Vinasun sued Grab for additional loss of $ 41 billion in 2016 and the first half of 2017. According to Vinasun, the profit of the company was reduced due to the illegal business activity Grab. Specifically, the company claims that although Grab claims itself to be a technology company that does not provide transportation services, it is actually a taxi business.

Grab, on the other hand, claims to operate in accordance with the law, regulations on transportation and pay the tax in its entirety.

Grab has to recover 41.2 billion barrels for Vinasun

Representative of the National Prosecutor of Ho Chi Minh City said that Grab acts as a taxi. During work, grab …

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