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Vietnam recruits to King's Cup: Inviting foreign troops to return home? – DVO

Prior to accepting Vietnam to attend the King's Cup 2019, the Thai prestige list SiamSport commented on the goal of the Golden Star Warrior at this tournament.

"Vietnam is coming to this tournament not because it wants to win, although Thailand's strongest King's Cup team fell on the FIFA day, and the results also affected the FIFA rankings.

Because they just want to fight and allow Coach Park Hang-seo to get an overview before the second World Cup qualification 2022 – commented SiamSport.

However, Vietnam will have teams with "numbers" at these tournaments, most notably Curacao, which is at the 82nd FIFA rankings. In addition, Vietnam will probably continue to compete with India in the next game.

If Thai people set goals for this tournament, then it's reasonable that Mr. Park just "has a team overview".

Since the 2019 Asia Cup in the Asian Cup was held in January, the Vietnamese team was released and re-engaged only for the upcoming King's Cup.

Tuyen of the King's Cup: Going to the World?
Vietnam will gather in late May and win the royal cup in June 2019

During this time, the columns changed more or less. In order to prepare for the World Cup qualifying campaign 2022, the Hangeo coach must have the best view of the players he holds and gives the perfect choice for his cards.

In addition, public opinion mentions the fact that many Vietnamese Vietnamese soldiers really want to return to Vietnam to compete at a team level. Including 3 players, including Filip Nguyen (goalkeeper who plays at the highest tournament in the Czech Republic), Jason Quang Vinh Pendant – a player in the Second League, and Alexander Dang, an assailant playing in Norway.

In fact, Park Hang-seo coach is not so excited about inviting these foreign soldiers, he has a habit of working with Vietnamese players, growing up from the domestic youth academy. However, Mr. Park will soon be an international game and will definitely need players with foreign experience.

Germany has chosen itself once when it has been said that the Vietnamese players who came out of the competition were very good because the coming of Vietnam will be rivals of Japan, Korea … So players get food, touch. Every day, a week with these football players will bring confidence and quality to the team.

So when you go to the big sea, does Vietnam need such players who have a strange experience? For example, immediately at King's Cup remember that Curacao is physically and disciplined as a Nordic team, while Filip Nguyen or Alexander Dang are all familiar with this football environment.

Tuyen of the King's Cup: Going to the World?
Filip Nguyen (blue shirt) just had a great match for Liberec Slovan before Slavia Praha

However, in Vietnam's goal, Dang Van Lam had two Vietnamese-Russian bloodlines and was very stable. In public affairs, U23 Vietnam does not have a big level attacker, but on the contrary, Mr. Park likes to use the virtual scheme number 9 with the flexibility of high speed and technique players, especially eating well, working together well.

So, regardless of whether you are a foreign soldier, Mr Park is still completely convinced of the cards with his hands. However, look at the development of Curacao Football. They had to call Latin American players living in repatriated Europe to help and develop domestic football.

Therefore, the determination of foreign players who want to play for national colors is very valuable. If possible, Mr. Park and VFF open their hearts and give the opportunity to those players.

See Dang Van Lam, how hard and energetic he was to succeed and fit today. Vietnamese football is at the moment of need for talent, and every appearance of emigrant carries very special significance.

Hong Hai

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