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Violators appeared on the road to capturing watching a Vietnamese team, threatening threatening girls

The peasants prevented the threat, in search of supporters to buy tickets

At 23h30 on November 10th, according to a reporter, in front of the stadium My Dinh appeared dozens of people gathered here for the same purpose "set brick" buy tickets to watch the match Vietnam vs Malaysia in the mold AFF Cup 2018. Most of them are students. Men have girls, their common point is a fierce love for the players. They are ready in the rain, cold, to stay awake on the street so they can have valuable tickets.

The robbers push the fans.

However, the difficulties with them are exactly that. Fans come 10 hours ago, pick the most suitable place to buy tickets. However, as reported by journalists present at the My Dinh Stadium. At 1am (11/11), a group of people went out to drive the supporters from the position they set before.

They threaten students to "win the area" for themselves. Of course, with people from other parts of the country, they did not dare fight the terrorists in the country. Everyone quietly left their positions at the orders of the bad guys.

Where there are only hooligans, fans are faced with hundreds of fleet cards present at the stadium. The man said loudly through the phone: "This guy is enough to call more people, bring more money here." Just a moment later, a group of people, cars and motorcycles went all the way forward, filling the positions that the fans had before stood.

SHOCK: Misunderstandings appear at ticket booths watching the Vietnamese team, threatening girls - Picture 3.

The ticket appears in front of the My Dinh Stadium.

It is known that the number of tickets sold directly to fans in the next two meetings of the Vietnam team is very limited. "Ticket War" became so hotter than ever. It is well known that functional forces are also sending silent followers to bad objects, but this is still not enough to completely overcome this "aggregate map".

Today, at 8 am, entrance tickets to the My Dinh Stadium will open. How much will the ticket get to the hands of true fans who have traded their time, energy, and even security? That's hard to answer.

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