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What are you doing to fight the Philippines? – Football 24 hours

Saturday, 01/12/2018 00:14 (GMT + 7)

Philippine absent game in semi-solid first leg AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 is not an easy task with Hang-seo Park teacher.

Before the rival is physically remarkable, how will Vietnam hire players?

Vietnam has peace?

On December 2, Vietnamese tour will face the Philippines in the first half of the AFF Cup 2018 semi-finals. On the ground, the opponent is very strong in physical and physical strength, so the Hang-seo coaches are expected to face many difficulties. Some comments that Vietnam still play well against strong opponents in West Asia so the struggle with the Philippines is not overcomplicated.

However, do not forget that the Philippines is not the same as a West Asian team that is physically strong, physically, but clumsy. The team has many original players: Spain, Germany, England, Switzerland, Netherlands. These are the top European football bases. Even in the lower league, compared to Southeast Asia, they are superior in technique and thinking. It is not accidentally among the 10 most expensive players in AFF Cup 2018, the Philippines make 6 (Tranfermarket Statistics Page).

What are your thoughts in the Philippines? - 1

Coach Hang-seo and his disciple will have a tough game ahead of the Philippines – Photo: AFF

A good job, led by a world class teacher, the Filipino appearance at the AFF 2018 semi-finals is quite normal. The Filipino rock is very simple. Coach Sven-Goran Eriksson with stone students with 4-4-2 cards. Due to the large number of players, the attack side of the game is very popular among the Philippines. But the Philippines is not only capable of crossing the ball, they are also very strong at the midfielder, controlling the ball. The Ball Control Index for the Philippines is even bigger than Vietnam, although Group B faces many of its rivals.

That said, but the choice of Vietnam still has certain advantages. Reds are the best defender in AFF Cup 2018, when they did not admit 4 goals. The multi-layer defense system helps Dang Van Lamu to protect maximum protection. In the case of Hang-seo Park coach to withdraw, the defense system will become the center of visitors.

Fast – small – smart – speed

According to coach of the coach Trio Quang Ha Park Hang-seo will focus on winning the opponent's opponent's point is not weak and Vietnam is still home to another leg leg. However, he also said that with a pedantic calculator such as Coach Hang-seo, if there is a chance to win, he will push students up.

"It is important to hire Vietnam to join in the safe, ready to support the controversial plans of the attack and should not run." In the days of the Park, our teams usually did well in the last 20 minutes. "In my opinion, if they reach 70 minutes, completely has the opportunity to win the advantage of My Dinh to welcome the opponent, "said coach Trio Quang Ha.

By contrast, the commentator Ngo Quang Tung has more cunning looks. "We do not have to be afraid of opponents, we've come here all strong, important in a particular game, we're promoting their strength or not," Mr Tung shares and analyzes further: "For good health, good football Vietnam is working to make a small kick, run around 20-30m and move the ball to the other area.If they try to compete with them, they will surely be exhausted. In short, Vietnam must be fast – small – smart – speed.

Answering to the question about the presence of the unseen plaques of Mr Park in the group stage, commentator Quang Tung said, "It is extremely different to say that football plays." With Vietnam, we all saw how the team was attacking the wings of the wings, coordinating the media, turning the wall there, The balls are weak, have not been used yet, but before the big opponent gets better? So if you wait for the mutation, we'll see how Mr Park staffed the staff, because the same attack, different staff brings different colors.

Meanwhile, Coach Trio Quang Ha is very optimistic about Nguyen Quang Hai's edge of stone: "Sea marbles will maximize his ability, and the surf will also make Defense Enemy spreads gaps for the second line to take advantage of."

Choosing the right striker to fight the Philippines is not a simple thing.

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