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What Can Tho Police Say About The Case Of Saigon Director Arrested, Beaten?

What Can Tho Police Say About The Case Of Saigon Director Arrested, Beaten? - Picture 1.

Recently on a personal facebook page, Dang Quoc Viet (director, visiting lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Theater and Cinema), asked for help for the content that a group of people caught. Ninh Kieu county police station (Can Tho city) examination, beating.

According to the contents, Mr. Viet told Ninh Kieu District to photograph and select the scene for the movie on 9/11. He hired a motorcycle driver named Phan Trung Tinh (43, who lives in Can Tho) and went around.

"When I went to the Quang Trung Bridge, a group of people were under pressure and after a long struggle they pressed me into the field of foxes and escorted me to the police," Viet said.

In addition, the men's director said the group had asked them to come back for 600, 150, and 300 dollar glasses, but they were not accepted.

Mr. Viet and his taxi driver were taken to Ninh Kieu District Public Security Bureau. He was redirected to the torture of eight people, blows, and "forced narcotics in the possession of drugs".

What Can Tho Police Say About The Case Of Saigon Director Arrested, Beaten? - Figure 2.

The transfer of Mr Vieta is published on his personal page.

Besides, Viet said that heart disease, he suggested that he would be taken to a drugstore but did not do it. At about 12:30 the same day, Mr. Viet suffered a pain that did not breathe, it should be brought to the hospital in the handcuffs. Longing for the condition of recidivism of heart disease, he was tired of going to the toilet but was not accepted in the urine, always in pants.

"The doctors were ultrasound, blood test, urine test, pulmonary film, lungs were hurt for beating … 22h the same day I can not find the evidence that followed me to public security Xuan Khanh, my arm still sat up," he said is Viet.

In the morning of 10/11, police department Xuan Khanh wrote about the temporary use of three-piece sticks. Mr. Viet said he was released after the test proved not to be positive for drugs.

He said the current shortness of breath, chest pain, and pain in multiple hospital injuries.

What Can Tho Police Say About The Case Of Saigon Director Arrested, Beaten? - Figure 3.

The amount of marijuana seized by the motorcycle taxi driver who wears it.

In a conversation with reporters morning 13/11, representatives of Nine Kieu County reported that reported TP police incidents. This information, filed on September 11, a police police patrol team at Quang Trung Bridge, then discovered Mr. Phan Trung suspected of banned substances being immediately tested.

"When the working group checked Mr. Tinha, Viet was sitting in the back of the car, and this situation was not so bad that he did not suddenly jump out of the car, even holding a tricycle. You are forced to follow, keep it to check for clarifications.

He also did not say he was a university lecturer, a member of the Vietnamese Cinema. When we arrived at the office, we searched for the camera bag of Mr. Vieta to find the membership of the Vietnamese Film Association.

For Mr. Tinha, we have enough evidence to confirm that he has stored a dry marijuana, "she informed.

The hospital is currently conducting testing to determine if it is a positive or negative drug.

Police Administration Ninh Kieu said she continued to clarify the news.

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