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Who is today the wealthiest billionaire in the UK?

Wednesday, 30/01/2019 20:55 (GMT + 7)

Inventor James Dyson, known as modern Thomas Edison, has surpassed the other two billionaires and ranked first in the richest rankings in the UK.

James Dyson (71), a pocket-free vacuum cleaner inventor, is currently the richest British billionaire after his company has achieved record-breaking profit in 2018. The technology company Dyson gained 1 billion pounds in 2018, compared to 801 million pounds in 2017. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, this success brought $ 3.4 billion, which brought wealth to $ 13.8 billion (~ $ 319.9 trillion). VND).

According to Bloomberg, Dyson surpassed Jim Ratcliffe (founder of the Ineos Group) and Hug Grosvenor (7th Duke from Westminster, England) to become the richest man in Britain. Hugh Grosvenor was once the richest man in the United Kingdom thanks to the 1677 family property, while Ratcliffe did not usurp him last year. Currently, 27-year-old Duke is the third richest man in the United States with $ 12.4 billion (~ 287.4 trillion VND) assets.

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Inventor James Dyson is the richest British billionaire

Dyson, one of the largest technology companies in the UK, is known for its home appliances. In 2018, the company's profit increased due to demand for new hair care products. The company has earned huge profits from its Asian client base, which has helped bring more than 50% of company revenue. In November 2018, Alibaba Group said many of the best-selling products on International Day on November 11 came from Dyson.

Dyson is a renowned product of vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, the company has also expanded its range of air purifiers and hair care products. In addition, the Dyson tramway project is also being implemented by 2021.

Important milestones in James Dyson's billionaire career:

– 1974: Inventing Ballbarrow, wheelchair

– 1983: Fill out the first vacuum cleaner design

– 1986: Registration of Japanese Vacuum Cleaner Technology License.

1993: Sales of the first Dyson DC01 vacuum cleaner model on the UK market.

– 2000: Enables Hoover to steal the idea of ​​a vacuum cleaner.

– 2006: Dyson hair dryer was born.

– 2007: Queen Elizabeth II She was a knight at Buckingham Palace.

– 2013: Samsung sued for breach of patent Dyson vacuum cleaner.

– 2014: Sponsor of the Technical Research Center at Cambridge University.

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