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Yes Nang has advanced into a loan, collecting debts

In the morning of November 6, the Danang National Council organized a program of the National Council with voters, reacting to voters about the state of security and order in Da Nang, Major General Vu Xuanu Vien, the Da Nang police chief informed about the rise in sampling services and collection of claims.

Yes Nang owns borrowers, rent - Picture 1.

Major General Vu Xuan Vien, Danang Public Security Director in the National Council Program with 6-11 Morning Voters

According to Vietnam's chief executive, the country has emerged in the form of heavy lending and flowering in the last four years. This type comes from the need of people, hit psychology borrowers with simple procedures, fast.

According to Director Danang Public Security, heavy borrowing is a normal civic relationship with voluntary borrowing and lending. "Quite done, but when he can not pay and then start looking for debt, kill people because the billing of debt in the country already exists, preventive police measures also have difficulties," – said General Vien.

According to the director of the Danang police, since the beginning of the year, Da Nang has solved 46 criminal cases involving sampling and collection of claims. The City Public Security Director has directed a total city survey and a list of 262 users in a city with 64 provinces outside the province (mostly from northern provinces) collecting receivables.

In October, the Da Nang police administration filed for a residence permit, capturing two casualties and debt collections in Son Tra County, Lien Chieu. The case is now being prosecuted in Son Tra District and extends the case investigation in Lien Chie County.

General Giap said that for 326 people inside and outside the city, Da Nang police assigned the supervisor and amplifies the evidence to be dealt with in the coming time. Additionally, the Da Nang City Police has also noted that the entire city has 13 units under a business zealot, car sales … to interest rates.

"In the coming time, the police will coordinate the security police base to deal with the sample to sample billboards, deal with the collection of facilities and control the creditor. This situation is so that mirrors of the mind," Da Nang, head of public security said.

Nguyen Nho Trung, the president of the Danang People's Council, said he would increase criminal activities by the end of the year, so the police should force repression. Especially in the area of ​​urban transport for safety, order with people.

Speaking of security and order, President of Danang National Committee Huynh Duc Tho also said he recently visited the gas station in front of the Da Nang bus station and found many stumbled customers to use gasoline and stopped. Incorrect users. When President Tho took a video clip, the car discovered that President Tho "vi hanh" needs to leave quickly. Mr. Tho said that after the incident he asked the Traffic Inspectorate to confirm inspection and treatment in this area of ​​the station and asked the president and secretary of departments to be responsible for maintaining the order. in the area they manage.

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