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Young men's voices secretly admit to living together when they are teenagers

Duong Sieu Viet is the most controversial female idolic Chinese party moment when her appeal is too great, inversely proportional to her talent and personality. Not knowing how to sing, I do not know how to dance, what Duong Sieu Viet shows live performances and "Produce 101" Trung is simply … crying and crying. Hence the names assigned to this girl born in 1998 "incompetent beauty", "Women village cry", …

Duong Sieu Women's Village Celebrates Viet's Stamp: Boy's Voice Confidently Recognizes that Both Are Living Together When Being Teens - Picture 1.

Previously, users of the network sought and raised the suspicion that Duong Sieu Viet lived with a Korean boyfriend named Hiro when he was only 17 years old – adolescent. At that time, both protagonists did not speak or receive feedback.

Duong Sieu Viet with a Seal of a Women's Village: Rumors of a Boy Secretly Recognized Both While Teens - Picture 2.
Duong Sieu Viet celebrates the women's village with a stamp: Boy's voice secretly admitted that they both live together when they were teenagers - Picture 3.

The series of evidence shows that the couple spend time together when Sieu was a minor

In the latest development on Instagram, the fan suddenly gave Hiro a number of questions and got a lot of answers from that guy.

– "Do you know the girl named" D Sing Siêu Việt "?" (Hiro said "I know").

– "Is she your girlfriend?", "Are you two in love for two years?", "Are you still in touch with Sieu Sieu Viet?", "Do you still love him?" "Why did you two break?" "Do you have a picture with her?" (With these questions, Hiro pressed a similar button).

Hiro suddenly pressed the button as a series of questions from fans about Duong Sieu Viet

The rumors of this boyfriend prompted fans to be bored with the indifferent way of life of this girl. Allegedly, the two started to emerge in 2015 when the idol was 17 years old.

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