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2019 Women's Cup World Cup Finals: Cameron's Losing In England Ends African Trip

The 2019 World Women's Championship started last Friday with 24 teams in the race that will be crowned by the "Queen" of the game during a multi-month tournament in France.

There are 24 teams in the team divided into six groups. African representatives are Nigerian Super Sokol, Banyan Banyan from South Africa, and Impeccable Lions from Cameroon.

Groups with African representatives are the following:
GROUP A: France (hosts), Republic of Korea, Norway, Nigeria
GROUP B: Germany, China, Spain, South Africa
GROUP E: Canada, Cameroon, New Zealand, The Netherlands

In this coverage, Africanews is underway with major moves around three African teams.

Below you can read about the following main areas:

  • Cameroon lost England
  • Nigeria vs. Germany
  • Full draw for round-16
  • Nigeria gets caught in the knockout because Thailand interferes with Chile
  • Miracle of Montpellier: Cameroon makes a knockout
  • Cameroon vs. New Zealand – Permutations for Africa
  • Cameroon is ready to face New Zealand
  • Nigeria was beaten by France, but it could still progress
  • South Africa gets in the distance. 4 – 0 for the visitors
  • Nigeria faces hosts, and South Africa hopes to end up at a high level
  • The remaining African charts from 15 to 06 of 2019
  • Cameroon lost from the Netherlands
  • South Africa lost from China
  • Match Day: South Africa and China in Paris
  • Match report: Nigeria vs. Korea in Grenoble
  • Match report: Cameroon is a narrow loss for Canada
  • Update African Representative Information
  • Summary 8. WWC and hosting in France
  • Match report: Južna Afrika vs. Spain
  • Match report: Nigeria vs. Norway

Cameroon lost England

Africa's participation in the World Cup ended on Sunday with Cameroon's elimination from the competition after losing three in England in the eighth finals.

Unsubstantial lions fell behind two – zero in the half before they received the third in the second half.

Houghton scored a goal in 14 minutes as White doubled in the first half. Alex Greenwood played the match outside Cameroon 58th minute.

On Saturday, Nigerian Super Falcon also dropped out of competition after a similar defeat in Germany.

Two African nationals have made history with their qualifying knockout stage – this was the first time Africa had two teams playing in the 16th round. The matches were considered in a high order, and fans only hoped for anxiety.

Overview of Nigerian World Cup Statistics for 2019

Played Games: Four
Goals scored: two (against South Korea)
Goals were received: Seven
Points scored: Three
The match is grouped: 0 – 3 against Norway, 2-0 against South Korea, 0 – 1 against France
The result of the match (round of 16): 0 – 3 against Germany

Cameroon statistic analysis of Women's World Cup 2019

Games: Four
Goals scored: three (against Holland, N. Zealand)
Goals Against: Eight
Points: 3
Match result (Group): 0 – 1 against Canada, 1 – 3 against Holland, 2 – 1 against N. Zealand
The result of the match (round 16): 0 – 3 against England

Nigeria vs. Germany

The African record-breaking champions, Nigeria hope that their fortune will once again benefit, as is the case with Germany at Stade des Alpes in Grenoble.

In that place Super Falcon won their only win so far in the tournament, 2-0 victory over South Korea in group stages.

In Germany they face an opponent who won them twice in the Women's World Cup.

"Germany is definitely one of the strongest teams, they have a lot of good players and they are extremely organized," said Thomas Dennerby, Nigeria's chief coach.

"Maybe we may have a chance if we defend well in order to deal with the progress that we have today and sooner or later we will have our chance."

What next? Full draw for the 16th round:

Germany vs. Nigeria (Saturday, June 22)
Norway vs. Australia
England – Cameroon (Sunday, June 23)
France vs. Brazil
Spain v USA
Sweden vs. Canada
Italy vs. China
The Netherlands versus Japan

Africa packs the historical qualification status

Nigeria hopes to be eligible at the start of two games in Group E and F. The first was Cameroon against New Zealand, who saw Cameroon pass.

In the case of another Thailand against Chile, the Chileans had all they had to do, but he took decisive Thai side to prevent the attack and assist Nigeria by that.

Nigeria can qualify as one of the top four best teams with the last round of matches in France.

The game of interest is Thailand vs. Chile. The most probable team that will go through what the South Americans are. At half-time they have no goals, but how can Chile qualify?

It is necessary to close the gap in Nigeria. Currently Chile is behind -5. Nigeria's goal difference is currently -2.

Any win with a minimum of three goals will see Chile progressing. They would equalize the odd difference, but went ahead on the goals scored.

Draw or defeat Chile and they will go home. Thailand should win with 15 goals to pass!

Cameroon grabbed the qualification to win over New Zealand

Cameroon has won in a tense game to secure qualification in the knock-out stages of the tournament with the ultimate goal.

Lives have scored all three goals in the win 2: 1. The first goal came 57 minutes through Ajaru Nchout.

She checked the ball in the box with her back and two defenders – Abby Erceg and Anna Green – right behind her. He turned both defenders and then put the ball past the goalkeeper.

Nearly a catastrophe hit the 80th minute while cross Katie Bowen reversed Cameroon defender Aurelle Awon for his own goal.

Ajara got second place at the time of injury with the last blow in the game that Cameroon had sent in the last 16 years.

"She gets the ball on the edge of the box, slams inside Ria Percival and then moves to the other side next to the defender, compiles and then leads the ball into the corner of the net" BBC the commentator said.

That goal was reached with 11 seconds to start. Meanwhile, New Zealand has to wait a long time for their first win at the tournament.

Analysis: How Cameroon Victory Can Affect Nigeria

With the current goal at half-time: the race that will end in third place is for the group E where they have already qualified for the Netherlands and Canada.

For a tournament with 24 teams, with the exception of 12 teams that automatically qualify – the first and second group stage – four other teams pass the third best of the group.

Cameroon and New Zealand have a chance to take one of these places depending on the outcome of today's meeting.

So far, two of the top three best places are filled in Brazil and China. Nigeria faces a three-point lead against South Korea.

If Cameroon and New Zealand withdraw, both are out. Winning for any of them will bring permutations to difference in goals and goals scored. If this is harmonized with what Nigeria currently has, it will be reduced to fair play.

BBC The situation in fair play is explained as follows: "Nigeria currently has eight disciplinary points" (one point for yellow card, three points for a player who receives two bookings, four points for red, five points for yellow and then straight for red). Cameroon has five, and New Zealand has no.

Cameroon XI: Ngo Ndom, Ejangue, Awona, Johnson, Leuko, Nchout, Feudjio, Yango, Abam, Enganamouit, Onguene.

NZ XI: Nayler, Green, Stott, Erceg, Riley, Chance, Percival, Bowen, Duncan, Gregorious, White.

Other games today are:
The Netherlands and Canada
Sweden v USA
Thailand vs. Chile

Cameroon against New Zealand

Cameroon against New Zealand is scheduled for Thursday, June 20 at Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier. Indomitable Lionesses hope to score a win and hope to reach the next stage as one of the third best sides.

The mission, however, is a high order for the side who is yet to get a point from the first two games. They lost to Canada in Montpellier and very much in the Netherlands – both have already qualified.

However, lions say they are confident they will end up with a high-level group stage with a pronounced victory.

If they fall, the hope of Africa will depend on Nigeria who also counts on luck to come to the Round-of-16 stage after three points out of three matches. South Africa's other African side has already come out of the tournament.

The Nigerian bank hopes to be happy

– The hawks were good for the hosts but they showed a magnificent view. They will wait for the outcome of the games in other groups to confirm their position in the last 16 years, "official Twitter said after losing 1: 0 in France on Monday night.

The goal, however, was without controversy such as a repetition of a shot on the spot, which proved to be the decisive game the Nigerians had to at least pull to secure the spot at the knockout stage.

The French side was awarded the penalty at 74 minutes. They failed to turn, but the referee ordered him to retire after the goal goal was penalized for leaving the line.

In the second attempt, French player Renard turned the only goal match with Nigeria who held ten after the player was dismissed for the offense he was fined for.

South Africa was shot in angry Germans

South Africa confirmed its exit from the tournament with a loss of 4-0 to double German champions. Banyana Banyana became the first team to officially emerge from the tournament.

By the way, they are the only team in Group B that has failed to secure even a point in group games.

One goal scored through the tally of Kandlar in the opening match against Spain. They, however, admitted eight times. Three in Spain, one in China and four in Germany.

Statistics Analysis in South Africa on Women's World Cup 2019

Played Games: Three
Goals scored: one (against Spain)
Goals received: Eight
Points scored: Zero
Matches: 1 – 3 against Spain, 0 – 1 against China, 0 – 4 against Germany

Nigeria aims to qualify, SA strives to finish high

Nigerian Super Hawks have the greatest chance for Africa to advance to the next stage of the tournament, but later have to provide at least a sting against hosts of France today. They have three points to win over South Korea despite the opening loss for Norway.

On the other hand, South Africa will play exclusively because of pride in Germany as Banyana Banyana has already emerged from a two-loss clash – China and Spain.

The third African team will only land on Thursday, while Cameroon Indomitable Lionesses will compete with New Zealand in the final game. They also have their two games – in Canada and the Netherlands.

Final Schedules for African Parties

With practically missing qualifying chances for the Cameroon lions and South Africa's Banyan Banyan, Nigerian super-hawks remain the brightest chance for an African team to progress.

But they also have to come up with a very tough opponent in the hosts, France, who have already booked their place in knock-out rounds.

Below is an entire plan for the following three games in Africa:

South Africa vs. Germany
Monday June 17 at Stade Oceana, Montpellier

Nigeria vs. France
Monday, June 17, at Roazhon Park in Rennes

Cameroon against New Zealand
Thursday, June 20 at Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier

Our stars are watching – each has achieved so far

  • South African Chrestinah Thembi Kandla, ruled by an African player of the year
  • Nigerian Asisat Oshoala, a triple African player of the year
  • Gabrielle Aboudi Onguene from Cameroon

READ MORE: Everything you need to know about the Women's World Cup 2019

Cameroon does not succeed in the Dutch mission

Cameroon went on the sidelines for their second match of the tournament, taking European champions, the Netherlands at Stade du Hainaut in Valenciennes.

Unsustainable lions lost their second match with three goals per second after losing their home match for Japan.

The Dutch took over the lead after which Cameroon withdrew parity through Aboudi Onguene Gabri. The teams went halfway. But the Dutch added two goals that the lions did not have a response.

They needed victory to keep their hopes on the knockout stage.
That hope was almost destroyed.

The 'We respect the Netherlands. But that does not mean that we will relax and admire their play this Saturday. We will be out to show them what power we have, "said Henriette Akaba ahead of the race.

Cameroon, who debuted at the 2015 World Cup, progressed to the finals after winning over Switzerland and Ecuador.

South Africa lost from China

Hope of South Africa on the knockout stage of the World Cup was destroyed on Thursday due to a 0: 1 loss from China.

Chinese attacker Li Ying achieved the only hit in Group B at Parc des Princes, which resulted in Germany and France moving to the second round.

Magnific magnific They were magnificent again. We accepted from the meeting. There we lost our concentration there. We had enough options, & # 39; & # 39; South African Desiree Ellis coach said after the game.

Debutants from South Africa are now likely out of the conflict after two defeats, but China faces the final match against Spain on Monday, which will bring them a final win when they will need a win for progress due to the weaker in the goals.

China had most of the holdings in the first half, while South Africans fought to hold the ball, and their unhappy passage called for pressure from the Asian side.

Last match Banyane Banyane will be against Germany in Montpellier.

Nigeria has defeated South Korea

The Super Falconers were in Grenoble in the first half against South Korea when opponents scored their own goal thanks to Kim Doyeon, Korea.

After the game continued, Nigeria looked as the best side of the two teams and translated their work to the second goal with the tremendous effort of Asisat Oshoala, increasing the number to two.

The team held the lead and finished the match with three points and a clean sheet after taking three from Norway in the first match. The Super Sokol will now look at the last match against France.

They became the first African side to win three points. The South African team playing tomorrow was defeated by Spain by 3: 1 while Cameroon narrowly lost from Canada 1 to 0. Africa at this stage received seven and scored three.

Nigeria hits a shot

BBC is reporting some bad news in the Nigerian camp. Veteran defender Faith Michael was excluded from the rest of the tournament due to injury.

The 22-year-old was stretched out after a clash with his team goalkeeper Oluehi during their 3-0 defeat of Norway.

Super Falcons will now have to attend a meeting with South Korea where Wednesday will play "make or break" without its services.

Match day: Nigeria takes over Korea after the loss of Norway

In the Stade de Alpes stadium in Grenoble, Nigerian Super Falcons will try to achieve a better result as they meet Korea in the second round of the tournament.

The first 3-0 fight in Norway's hands makes this tie even more important since their final result will be against the hosts of France.

Meanwhile, France is currently playing Norway in NIcea with German Spain, which ends today's set of games. South Africa, which has lost Spain, will play tomorrow.

Match report: Cameroon is a narrow loss for Canada

Cameroon, third African representative at the contest, failed to take the point from Canada at Stade de la Mosson in Montpellier.

The Lives suffered a 1: 0 defeat, allowing the goal in the later stages of the first halal.

Cameroon Michaela Abam described this event as "the day we all waited for … to finally begin this journey. Please Cameroons around the world for your continued support as we continue this marathon in this tournament."

Super Sokolovi Nigeria

Nigeria, ruling African wrestlers, are hoping for a better result at the Women's World Cup and go all the way to the finals on July 7th.

The nine-time African wrestlers who have fallen in Norway will now have to redefine their tactics in upcoming matches against the hosts of France and Korea.

Banyana Banyana in South Africa

South Africa, which is appearing for the first time in the Women's World Cup, the star is on the rise in the continent.

Banyana Banyana has an African player aged Thembi Kandlar, who was the best shooter at the Nation Cup (AWCON 2018) last year. Runners in AWCON 2018, have to face the doubles of Germany and China after the pain in Spain.

An inexpensive lion from Cameroon

Cameroon secured their place at the World Cup by winning Mali in the third place of the playoffs AWCON 2018 which took place in Ghana earlier this year.

They are in Group E and are charged to take him out with European Champions in the Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand.


  • In 1991, the first tournament was held
  • 3 times, record champions USA I won
  • $ 30m, prize money at the 2019 tournament
  • 24, the number of teams in France 2019
  • 3, the number of African teams in the tournament
  • 9, stadiums and cities that come to matches
  • 15, record goals scored at the World Cup (Brazilian Marta)
  • France, this year hosts
  • Quarter-finals, the highest stage achieved by the African team (Nigeria)

Game report: The fierce start in South Africa ended with angry Spain

Jennifer Hermoso made two penalties in the second half, while Lucia Garcia added a hit last time Spain came back and defeated South Africa with a 3-1 win at the Women's World Cup on Saturday.

Hermoso was hiding spot-hitting in 69th and 82nd minutes to secure Spain in their group B after South Africa, in its first appearance in the final, won the first half.

The first penalty came after South Africa's Janine van Wyk captain's handball, and the second followed by a full-back attack on Nothandom Vilakazij on Garcia, who gave Vilakazi a second yellow card and canceled.

South Africa was shocked after Thembi Kandlato made a powerful free kick from the penalty area on the head of Spanish goalkeeper Sandre Panos 25 minutes into the match.

The goal came after the South Africans suffered the early dominance of Spain with desperate defenses, and then began to look like a threatening counter-attack.

The Afghan footballer of the year was able to score 2-0, but at 57 minutes, at the end of the last place, he had a chance to get in, shortly after Hermoso approached the equalizer and hit the bar.

But Spain's supreme condition has seen it dominate for the last half hour, and there were other opportunities for better command points.

Garcia came close to leveling the field as he refused the ball.

Report of the game: African champions, Nigeria, cut in size in Norway

Ada Hegerberg was not needed because Norway launched the World Cup campaign in Group A with 3-0 victory over Nigeria on Saturday.

Without the winner of Ballon d'Or Hegerberg, who left the international football 2017 for a dispute with its parent federation, the 1995 champions relied on goals by Gura Reitena, Lisa-Marie Karlseng Utland and Osinachi Phale's own goal.

The result was put Norway by second place in Group A behind the hosts of France, who switched South Korea 4-0 in the starting match of the monthly tournament in Paris.

Reiten put Norway ahead in the 17th minute when he kicked the ball from the corner.

Utland doubled the summit with a strong close blow after Reiten put him in 34th place.

Three minutes later, the three African African wrestlers Nigeria were overwhelmed because Ohale dropped cross Isabell Herlovsen into his own goal.

Norway is meeting with France in Nice on Wednesday, while Nigeria takes South Korea in Grenoble the same day.

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