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American Idol Recap: Season 17 Duets Eliminations – Watch the shows

First time all season, Sunday American idol they tapped the lights to reveal the (half) singers who started in live episodes, sending three homemakers in the process.

But the night sounded much more depressing than it was. With the help of some of the most recognizable voices in music – including Jason Mraz, Shaggy and Pat Benatara – the weekly episode gave us a handful of really amazing duets

But before we get the results, let's look at all the 10 evening shows. The judges obviously did not want to be strict about someone, so please forgive me in advance if any of my (totally meaningless) ratings are overwhelming.

Walker Burroughs with Jason Mraz, "Have It All" | The first duet this night was a nice moment for a full circle for Burroughs, whose first performance at age eight was Mraz's hit hit "I'm Yours". (In other news, after he realized that Burroughs was eight years old in 2007, he immediately turned into a pile of dust and blew in the wind.) It is not surprising that he managed to match Mraz's note with a never-missing note. Harmonies were solid. Dance was not.
Rating A-

Kate Barnette with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, "Heartbreaker" | Since she grew up listening to mostly Disney's music and gospel music, Barnette was nervous when she was dealing with this cult song with the icons that gave her life. But she was filling her, and the part she was wearing, she really nailed. Frankly, the fact that he could even play guitar with Giraldo without falling completely into pieces, is impressive enough.
Rating: B- (Click here to watch!)

Riley Thompson with Brett Young, "I Love You" | I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to have a 38-year-old man doing a romantic ballad with a 16-year-old girl, but at a strictly auditive level, I really enjoyed it. What's even more impressive since literally her first duet, as recorded several times, was the peak of Thompson: soft and sweet in everything, full of timely surprises that showed power in other aspects of her voice.
Rating A

Shut Up With Shaggy, "I Need Your Love" | Now this one it was a pairing that worked at all levels. Vocals were not the most impressive, but it was the first performance I felt as if I fell in the middle of the concert. The two showmen perfectly matched each other's energy all the time, sharing the reflectors and providing one another with glitter.
Rating A- (Click here to watch!)

Madison Vandenburg with Pat Benatrom and Neil Giraldo, "We belong to" | Although I feel like Benatar overwhelmed most of the song Vandenburg, I thought she managed to keep her. Frankly, that was her last reminder that really sold me all over the show. In any case, he was never in danger of being eliminated.
Rating: B + (Click here to watch!)

Shawn Robinson with Elle King, "Proud Mary" | Poor Robinson. I am not satisfied with the claim that this performance was a mess, not just because it came in early verse. Robinson was nervous about entering into this, thanks to a change of agreement at the last moment, and his fears were definitely achieved, even if the judges decided to give him mostly positive feedback.
Rating: C + (Click here to watch!)

Ashley Hess with Jason Mraz, "I'm Yours" | Hess feels like an artist with whom I would collaborate, so I was hoping for this slowed duet, which was absolutely fulfilled. Hess's frosty voice perfectly melted with his, resulting in astonishing harmony and magical chemistry.
Rating: A +

Bumbly with Shaggy, "Angel" | First of all, I like Shaggy tonight was strictly confined to the contestants. I've always believed it was a real beauty American idol rests in its subtle shades. In any case, this was a fun performance, and I appreciated that it gave Bumbly an opportunity to show her vocals, though mostly to the end.
Rating A- (Click here to watch!)

Laci Kaye Booth with Brett Young, "Mercy" | I know I'm saying this every week, but I can not even believe Booth's voice is real, so perfect. We are tonight all her mom lies in that audience. While some other contestants were obscured by their professional partners, Booth has completely ruled over this duet, commanding our attention and stunning us with those smoky vocals.
Rating: A +

Laine Hardy with Elle King, "Weight" | The king was more naturally improvised with Hardy than with Robinson, resulting in excellent rock & # 39; n & # 39; n; roll performance. But no matter how nice it was to see Hardy's family in the audience, I would love to kill King. Every time I remember her father Rob Schneider, my mind explodes again.
Rating A-

Then came (a bit) a difficult part. Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan stood in front of the contestants and discovered which of them seven went through live episodes, announced in the following order: "So Sunday episode marked the end of the way for Kate Barnette, Shawn Robinson and Bumbly.

Do you think the three singer's rights have been excluded from the competition? Measure through our survey below comment your review of the evening duo.

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