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Andy Serkis at Scarlett Johannsson Controversy, Netflixov Mowgli & # 39; – diversity

Andy Serkis played a hobby, a monstrous gorilla and an attractive bear. This week, however, he traded his proposal for a two-week luxury wool suit and Beverly Hills salon coif to play – or at least the latest version of himself – a Hollywood director.

He wears it well. This fact, combined with its delicacy, was as practical as Serkis's five-year odyssey to screen "Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle," which was full of tensions, failures, and hells of discovery. The movie, grittier who talks about Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book", was sold to Netflix by Warner Bros. in July, just a few months before it is anticipated for debut in multiplexes. Even Serkis did not see anyone coming.

"Mowgli" is now the most expensive acquisition ever made by Netflix in the movie scene. But he always got caught. "Mowgli" had an unmatched job to follow his own work by Walt Disney Studios on their cartoon adaptation of the classic Kipling. Despite the fact that A-listener Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale in his team – and, excellent, sold it using the performance-enhancing technology that could be another skin for Serkis at this time – the double-colored Disney "Jungle Book" door was the first and earned 966 millions of dollars around the world. No pressure.

"It really did have an interesting life, I do not think it's so complicated, to be honest." Many people told me that, "Serkis admitted Diversity, sitting in the quiet corner of the Four Seasons Los Angeles hotel.

"At that time it was my first movie that I helped, and we've already started promoting it with Warner Bros.," Serkis said, "we took him to CinemaCon and there was talk of going to Cannes, It could not be a better move, so I'm thrilled because the whole feeling of this movie is much more international. It was more about life than a quadruped family movie.

As "Mowgli" died in pre-production, Serkis turned to "Diše", a festival star played by Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy who will end up as a director debut. He was standing on the "Mowgli" trail, although time had created a special problem for his enthusiastic young leader, Rohan Chand.

"It was fortunate, because this project lasted so long that it did not have the chin and the children to the end," Serkis said, who found Chanda after reading only two other actors for that part. The boy was 10 years old, and 11 was chosen, but he was closer to 14 when the cameras were finally rolling.

"This version of the story has not been told: People say it's darker, but emotionally more grounded It's complicated.I grew up in love with an animated source, it's a wonderful job, but it did not have such a complex middle trip.I always felt that Mowgli left out of the story, and you enjoyed the joker and the buffooner, and the songs and stars of the animal jumps, "Serkis said.

"What was obvious in this script is that this is an incredibly complex psychological role for a boy who is" the other. "He really linked with me, that is a different concept, caught between two different, changing worlds," he said.

To help create a world of "Jungle Book" imagery most men remember, he set a picture in India, Kipling's homeland. He also made a story of another human nature, an interloper in animal kingdoms, a white man (Matthew Rhys) as a colonialist.

"On a political level, you can not avoid the fact that Rudyard Kipling also became poignant as an imperialist, in a way, because he was absolutely behind the idea of ​​the empire. He wrote" the burden of a white man "and wrote a series of border and racist species. is the product of his time, "Serkis said.

On topic, Diversity asked Serkis about his thoughts on the ongoing talk of Hollywood actors and presentation, namely the conflict and later release of Scarlett Johansson's plans to play a trans person in the movie adaptation "Rub and Tug". Serkis, who has been playing a career away from characters from his personal experiences, has strong views on the subject.

"I totally disagree. I really, I strongly disagree," Serkis said about Johansson's response.

"Actors should be able to play anything, and that's why I liked it [performance capture] technology. What should be is that whatever color your skin, regardless of the shape you are, regardless of the height you are, regardless of your makeup as an actor, you should have the ability to play anything, "he said.

Serkis recalled that he last played Gollum in the "Lord of the Rings" series, saying, "I thought," Okay, I'll be back in my career as a conventional actor. "But Peter Jackson asked me to play King Kong, and that was a real epiphany moment – a departure," It's for me to end the type. "Of course, equal representation and opportunity are what [the conversation] should be around, but in the art of imagination. "

That sense of fantasy is what the actors are based on in their new movie, he said.

"Everyone wanted to explore this whole, the ability to transform and play. To truly return to the essence of becoming an actor in the first place – to feel free and not another version of yourself," said the director.

"Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle" is currently in a limited theatrical release. It encourages Netflix from December 7th.

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