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Apple acknowledges that some of the iPhone X, 13 on MacBook Pro are attached

Apple acknowledges that some of the iPhone X, 13 on MacBook Pro are attached

Some iPhone X devices suffer from the display problem

APPLE opened a couple of software fixes for the iPhone X and MacBook Pro, recognizing that some units may suffer from the purchase.

In the case of the now outdated iPhone X, Apple has admitted that some devices may experience "touch problems" because of "a component that could fail on the display module." Applications can react periodically or at all when users sell the screen, admitted by Apple, or the screen may react when it does not touch.

"Apple has found that some iPhone Xs may experience touch problems due to a component that might be able to run on the display module," explained a vague company on its website.

Apple added that, as part of its recently launched repair program, it would replace the display module for free.

Be warned, though: The company is accused of trying to get rid of its fixing schemes by forcing users to first pay for unnecessary repairs. BBC Report Watchdog Earlier this year, he discovered that Apple, before respected its promise of reduced battery repair prices, demanded that users be coughed-ups to resolve unrelated issues such as trace in their handset or supposedly microphone and loudspeaker.

Apple warns on its website: "If your iPhone X has any damages that can compromise the ability to repair, like a faded screen, that problem will have to be resolved before the service."

In the case of the MacBook Pro, Apple says it is a "limited number" of the 13in model hit by SS that could result in "data loss and failure". Suitable models, the 13in ne-touch bar MacBooks with 128GB or 256GB stored in sales from June 2017 to June 2018, will have a free repair, and Apple recommends that its devices be serviced as soon as possible.

Before you go to the Apple Store, the company warns that "it's important to make a complete backup of your data as your drive will be deleted as part of the service process," which will include a driver-initiated technician to update the driver and reinstall MACOS .

Of course, Apple also warns: "If your 13in MacBook Pro has any damaging effect that will disrupt our servicing ability, this problem will have to be resolved before servicing. In some cases, it may be costly to repair." μ

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