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Apple unleashed production of iPhone XR due to low demand – report

Posted 9:01, 6 November 2018

Updated 9:01, 6 November 2018

Apple display

Apple display

MANILA, Philippines – Apple has canceled additional production lines for its iPhone XR budget, which was supposed to cover the original expected phone requests, reported Nikkei Asian Review.

The $ 749 model is Apple's budget iPhone, and for several hundred dollars cheaper than the leading XS and XS Max meant to promote consumer interest among cost-conscious customers.

But instead of catching the eye of these customers, last year's iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which saw growth in demand. Apple has ordered this 4 million more devices for the iPhone 8 and 8, bringing a total of up to 25 million. (READ: With iPhone XR, Apple says goodbye to the scenes, inherited design)

IPhone XR, meanwhile, has expectations for demand for about 20% to 25%, according to Nikkei source. Decrease results in 100,000 less units per day from Taiwan's Foxconn supplier, and probably similar slots in another Taiwan-based Pegatron supplier. Two companies gather iPhone.

A smaller third-party member, Wistron, who was originally assigned to stand in waiting for hail demands, will also, as reported, this year will not get any rush. At Foxconn, only 45 production lines of the planned 60 are currently being used.

Nikkei writes that lack of innovation hurts Apple. "Moving to add orders to iPhone's annual models while stopping additional production for the latest product, illustrates Apple's lack of innovation and the inability of consumers to energize such a pricing strategy. Last year, Apple issued orders for the iPhone 7 series after launching the iPhone 8 Series and the premium iPhone X, "said the Japanese financial daily.

The market for smart phones with a short maturity may also be blamed, as world orders have declined for the first time in 2017 and are expected to drop this year as well.

Rising competition from China's Huawei has also been shaken by Apple, with this giant smartphone that turned global. 2 place. And for these two years, Huawei has taken over from Apple, has recently launched Huawei Mate 20 phones.

In the Philippines, Huawei reported that the Mate 20 series enjoyed rapid sales, reaching $ 100 million in first day market sales. –

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