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Association of eSports in Zimbabwe For sponsorship as an African sports championship Inches Closer

In August, Kenya will host the first African eSports championship. The tournament will host a number of players from 27 continents and fight for the first place in FIFA and Tekken.

Zimbabwe will also participate in eSports Zimbabwe calling a sponsor who is willing to help with their offer. Statement on the eSports website In the winter on Twitter, reads:

Last year, we announced that Zimbabwe would be one of twenty-seven countries that will compete in Africa Esports 2019, and we are inviting all the sponsors.

#AfricaEsportsChampionship is supported by passionate and committed personalities across Africa, working hand in hand as friends and stakeholders for bussingof esports industry in Africa.

We contacted the founder of the association, Thomas Phiijam, and said the funds would be used for the following:

  1. Place of employment – to be used during the Zimbabwe National Final (ZNF) by participants and spectators.
  2. Renting of generators and fuels – for use in case of power failure.
  3. Recruiting a console – We will hire Playstation 4 professionals to improve the performance of the game, and also have completed the qualifications before.
  4. Accommodation – We will have different players coming from different parts of the country (Zimbabwe) to come and fight for the Spot, so we will need crawler accommodation the day before the event, leaving the area the same evening after the event next morning.
  5. Branded clothing swags and swags that we can share to winners, participants and audience members.
  6. Airplane tickets – 1 airliner ticket for street fighter (our main Sponsor sponsors (accommodation, flights, food and tour) for 4 delegates per country and thus for the country manager, trainer, 1 Fifa player and 1 Tekken player. Fighter.

If you are interested in the efforts of the eSports Association to attend the Championship, you can send a message to Thomas:

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