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Avengers: Directors of the ending "are very committed to the ending" of the infinite war


Brothers Russo deliberately wrote "in the corner".

Matt Purslow

Joe and Anthony Russo, directors Avengers: Infinity War and upcoming Avengers: Endgame, discussed how they are "very committed to the end of the Infinite War.

Discussing Endwar on a panel led by Iron Man director Jon Favreau (via GameSpot), Anthony Russo said: "We are very committed to the end of this movie. We think stories lose meaning and relevance and resonance unless they have realistic roles . "

"For us, entering the Endgame, the story is very important about how these characters – how are these heroes – are carrying a loss?" He added. "Lousy loss, true loss, devastating loss – that's what they experienced in the War of Infinity, and that was a unique experience for all of them. How is the person moving forward from that moment on? How is the hero moving forward since that moment? The way we wrote it in the story is: How are everyone at the individual level dealing with that experience, and how are they then collectively engaged in it? "

The end of the war of infinity, as well as the strip from which it draws its name and basic premise, saw that half of the living beings of the universe had erased. That meant the death of a large number of Marvel's most popular characters. It is a huge, sad shooter ending a summer blockbuster and a hard end to finish below. But Russos wanted to present the challenge for the finale of the MC Infinity Saga.

"One of our favorite stories about storytelling is" Write to the corner, "said Anthony Russo." And what we consider to mean means to put yourself in a place on a narrative level where you have no idea to move forward from here, and this is a very exciting place for you. It forces you to think of some really creative ways forward. And we tried to do with the end of every Marvel movie we've made, never more than the Infinity War. "

As Russos wrote his exit from the difficult end of the Infinite War, it remains to be seen, but Joe Russo promises that fans will experience the "pleasure" of the movie he believes is a "catharsis" movie.

Avengers: Endgame is issued on April 26 and lasts for three hours. In the first hour, it places card sales information and may have an early loss of the most powerful heroes on Earth.

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