Tuesday , June 15 2021

Caitlyn Jenner, Lady Gaga and other celebrities flee the Malibu Fire American News

The fierce fire in southern California reached the glorious enclave of Malibu, forcing a string of high-profile stars to escape from their homes.

Caitlyn Jenner is one of the most interesting celebrities, and her home in the Malibu hills is completely destroyed by fire, according to TMZ. Jenner lived there since 2015. Last year, Jenner told the Republican National Committee: "I'm all that we've come out of the Paris Accord."

The fire also arrived at Jenner's former daughter, Kim Kardashian West, although tweeted said the flame became "more contained and stopped at the moment."

Scott Baio, Rainn Wilson, Lady Gaga and Guillermo del Toro amongst many celebrities are forced to evacuate their homes, and in some cases are hastily trying to arrange transport for their horses.

Kevin Smith, who led officers and dogma, managed to save horses in that area. On Friday afternoon he tweeted "anyone near Malibu with a trailer of horses" to help evacuate 40 horses from the farm. The Malibu Times reports that all horses are now in a safe place.

The smoke from the fire was seen from Santa Monica State Beach on Friday.

The smoke from the fire was seen from Santa Monica State Beach on Friday. Photo: Robert Laberge / Getty Images

James Woods, actor James Woods, was on Twitter all day, trying to provide counseling to the needy and asking the followers to make an informal register of people missing in a separate fire in Northern California under the #CampFireJamesWoods outcome.

Trump's lover even supported Alyssa Milano, a prominent critic of the president, after saying that her house was "in danger" and feared for five horses. Milan finally got the help she needed and tweeted that her horses were finally safe. My kids are safe. My home is in danger, but … everything with the heart is safe. Thank you all for concern. "

At the back of the castle used in ABC, the Bachelor is also on fire, with a flame allegedly moving toward the main house.

A fierce fire also burned the historic film space known as Western Town, which served as a production in 1920, and was recently used by the Westworld HBO series.

HBO said he did not know how much damage he was and expressed concern for "all those affected by these terrible fires".

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