Friday , June 18 2021

Chinhoyi Pharmacy closed for sale of expired medicines even demanded US dollars

The Medical Supervisory Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) closed Angel Pharmacy at the Checheche Business Center in Chipinge for selling more than 25 types of expired, unregistered or non-scheduled medicines as well as for non-pharmacists.

Some of the unregistered drugs included pyrimone eye drops, paracetamol Fresenius 10 mg / ml, both both out of date and unregistered; Atenonol 100 mg – a non-registered antihypertensive drug as well as anti-typhoid fever vaccines that were unencrypted.

According to the report prepared by MCAZ inspector; Emmanuel Makotore and reviewed Sly Mutyavaviri who collected NewsDay; the investigative inspection was carried out on October 21, 2018, after somebody from the public.

Part of the report dated November 7, 2018 "On inspection, inspectors entered the secret as patients and asked for pirimon drops. Rumbidzayi Chidzimba, identified as a pharmacist, gave a $ 8 USD quote pirimon drops of the eye.

"The inspectors paid, and then Chidzimba asked for an outpatient clinic to take out the drug. The second assistant to the ambulance went to the white limousine that was parked in front of the pharmacy and picked up the pirimon from the vehicle.

"She moved it to Chidzimb, who added the details of the inspector in the sales department, and the officer received a pirimon without a label for issuance." At the request of the label, the inspector said that for such a drug the practice of the pharmacy does not put labels.

"At that point, the officers introduced and removed the cure from the car trunk, and the officers then asked for a pharmacist, who was said to be absent." The whole day was not at work. "

The report went to the list of 16 types of unregistered and expired medicines found in the car trunk and seized. Thus, 85 tablets were found in unbleached bag of pills but could not be identified.

Further pharmacy research has found that the refrigerator in the office does not function properly, with a thermometer that shows a 26 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Non-hydrogenated drugs were later quarantined in refrigerator rooms, although this did not work. Pharmacy staff could also not produce drug purchase bills.

The pharmacist was promptly instructed to close the pending check on the pending surveillance and the supervisor was asked to comment on the observations and submit the invoices and the names of the confiscated drug vendors within seven days.

The supervisor was instructed to keep medicines that were in the fridge on the day of the quarantine inspection until it was completed.

Meanwhile, for a few years, the key drugs in the country have been inadequate, leading to cheap and unregistered medicines that endanger people's lives and find the way to the pharmacy in unscrupulous ways.

However, the owner of a pharmacy, Angelina Mahwire, who is also a pharmacist by profession, is never allowed to sell unregistered drugs when it comes to comment, but later said that the entire incident was exposed to a former boyfriend who was on the run to destroy it.

Mahwire owns four pharmacies that include Tshovani Pharmacy in Chiredzzi, Angel Pharmacy in the Checheche Business Center, Nkayi and Chipinge Pharmacies.

"My brother, I know that my ex boyfriend is behind me." I was in touch with this man, who was also a work partner for over seven years, but he's done badly. Now he is out there to destroy me, "Mahwire said.

MCAZ is the national regulatory authority of medicines and medical products in Zimbabwe. It was founded in 1969 as a Drug Control Council. He became the successor of the Drug Control Panel and Zimbabwe, the 1997 Regional Drug Control Laboratory through the Parliament Act, the Drugs and Related Substances Control Act (MASS) (Chapter 15.03).

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