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Connor Blakely wants to stay in AFL Dockers

Emerging star Fremantle Connor Blakely says it's only a matter of time when he will sign up again with the AFL club and hopes that coach Ross Lyon will be with him on the run.

Blakely comes out of contract at the end of this season and would attract a significant interest if he wanted to test his value on the open market.

But the 23-year-old wants to stay at Docker and is expecting a new job soon to be completed.

The future of Victor Edmond Langdon, unlimited free agent Stephen Hail and Brad Hilla, required, remained the issues that Fremantle will have to resolve in the next two months.

Lyon's position is the highest point of all of them.

A trained veteran was contracted with Fremantle by the end of 2020, but was associated with a vacant position at Carlton.

Even if Lyon remains at Fremantle in 2020, as expected, his hopes for contract extension will be dictated by the way Dockers drive next season.

Blakely was full of praise for Lyon and did not feel there was a danger that the 52-year-old would leave this season.

"There are always names that turn into different roles of coaches," Blakely said.

"I think that's just a chatter and people just put a name in a club whenever a club becomes available. You do not read too much about it.

"Ross is a great coach and has such a good record for a reason. I hope he will stay and know he will."

On Saturday night, Fremantle revived his finals in the hope of winning a Sydney victory.

The result raised Docker back to victory and a percentage of eight points, but he will have to beat Bulldogs at Marvel Stadium on Sunday to stay in the final.

Lyon encountered a widespread criticism of the recent defeat of the four-game club, and Blakely said the players were happy to win their coach.

"People are angry at him when we go well and they are from him when we do not go well," Blakely said.

"But it's a classic quotation from it – it's never so good, it's never as bad as it seems."

The Dockers were comparing the eight of the last year's wins, and Blakely dares to dream of finishing the final.

"It's still definitely a goal, and there will be less disappointment I feel," Blakely said.

"We have had a few years without playing the finals, everyone is really interested in coming back and experiencing. We have to continue to build and continue to play well."

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