Monday , May 17 2021

Dani Dyer reveals the great secret TV Danz Danny – and may surprise you

Big secret TV guy Danny Dyer – he likes to watch out for frightened spiders.

Star EastEnders, 41, likes small creatures and can not remember anything worse than scolding.

Days have been published – among others – in their new book.

She writes in What Will Days To Daddy-Daddy's Mom is actually softie and no nasty bones in her body.

"Dad is so stupid not to hurt a fly," says the 22-year-old.

"Certainly not a spider, he convinced himself that spiders would have a family where they would miss if they died."

"What if someone shoots a male spider and his wife sits on her net in the corner of the room, wondering why she did not come home for dinner?"

"And he also sees spiders like his friends in the room. If I look at the spit on the ceiling, he will say," It's no point to kill your roommate, do not you? "

"I'm just laughing at it, sometimes it's such an idiot."

Danny dine on his hard image …

Danny Dyer
… but this is not the first time the mask slipped!

Former winner of Love Island says that Danny did not understand the concept of father & # 39; when she grew up.

"He was far from work," she says. "And he will be the first to admit that it was a time when he was entertaining as crazy and leaving the rails.

"I do not think he really understood the notion of dad, but it also meant he felt guilty for buying everything."

Days are joking that her dad is an "idiot"

Danny is spending time with gangs and soccer hooligans – and now with a spider

Meanwhile, Dani, who raced up with his boyfriend Jack Fincham last week as he went on promoting his new book, dropped off with a close friend.

Love Island co-star Georgia Steel talks to her after she has dropped her 21st birthday.

Days said on Sunday at Brunch: "We are not talking now.

"Not happy with me, we needed to visit Drake next week and I do not think I'm invited."

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