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Dementia | Neurodegenerative process

People who lose memory due to the destruction of dementia can suddenly awaken one day by showing surprising normal behavior, but according to recent findings, this is not necessarily a positive sign. Patients suffering from dementia who can not remember events in their lives or even recognize those closest to them can suddenly wake up and show unexpectedly normal behavior to soon afterwards die.

This phenomenon, which experts call terminal or paradoxical lucidity, has been noted since ancient times, but there were very few scientific studies about it. The article published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Dementia describes what is known and unknown about paradoxical lucidity, examines its potential mechanisms and details how thorough scientific analysis can help to lighten the pathophysiology of dementia.

"We have assumed that advanced dementia is a non-regenerative neurodegenerative process with irreversible functional constraints, but if the brain can access some type of functional network configuration during a paradoxical lucidity, even in severe dementia, it indicates a reversible component of the disease," said George A. Mashour .

The paper describes earlier papers documenting case studies of people with advanced dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, who could seemingly normally communicate and recall at the end of their life, to astonish their caregivers.

"We look forward to further research in this area, such as a better description of lucidity in different presentations, new instruments or methods for evaluating the episodes of lucidity retrospectively or in real time, speech analysis tools or other manifestations of lucidity in behavior, and evidence of challenges and decision-making opportunities that stem from unexpected lucidity, "the researchers claim.

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