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Do not miss any Prime Day 2019 jobs when the sale starts on July 15th

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Just two weeks to the first day!

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Amazon Prime Day 2019 is set to launch July 15 and 16, so now is the time to begin mapping your approach to an expansive 48-hour shopping event. This is your chance to achieve a new TV or Amazon Echo Show for a fraction of your daily cost. During two days of this year, Amazon sells tens and tens of thousands of products for Prime Day – some for sale for a short while, and others available in limited quantities.

CNET will closely monitor everything Amazon Prime Day offers as they appear, so if you follow along with us, you will certainly miss anything. But if you prefer to see the action for yourself, you can set up warnings for Amazon to let you know when an item is going to sell so that you can set it in the right moment.

You can catch a Prime Day job if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, so make sure you're in good standing before you start offering. And if you're not a paid member, do not worry: you can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, which gives you all 30-day premium subscription benefits – including access to Prime Day offers – and allows you to cancel your payment at the end of your trial period. Annual membership amounts to $ 119 a year, or $ 12.99 a month. Students can apply for half of this, after a six month free test.

Here they are even smarter shopping tips to help you catch the best Prime Day deals.

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Amazon Prime Day runs two full July days this summer.

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How to Get Prime Day Bail Warnings

Bids may occur at any time during the First Day – and even before and after – so it's not a bad idea to spend some time identifying the items that interest you, and then look at Amazon Shopping (Android and iOS) apps to receive notifications when they go for sale. So you will not miss the deal. Even better, bidding is coming to you, which can help keep your stress levels in the purchase.

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View live offers on the Amazon Shopping App Watch tab.

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First Set Amazon Prime Day alert on your phone.

Second In the Amazon Shopping app, touch the hamburger menu in the upper left corner, then touch Today's bids.

Third In the Today Offer window, touch the Upcoming (right of Right Now) tab and scroll through what's coming.

4th When you find the item for which you want to set a warning, touch See this agreement below the item. An application may ask you to let me know if this is your first time.

5th Touch View tab to check the status of the items you are watching.

6th When the job is resumed, you can add the item to your cart or buy it with a 1-click on the Watch tab.

7th If you change your mind, touch View under the item to remove it from the watch list.

When a business is going live, the app will show the system alert and show live business on the home screen.

Monitor Prime Day offers from your computer

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Check out your live offers in the Amazon Assistant extension.

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You can also track the bids you're browsing through Amazon Assistant Chrome and Firefox extensions. Here's how to view the contract with the Amazon Assistant extension.

First Install the Amazon Assistant extension, which adds a button on the browser toolbar.

Second When the job starts, the button will show a warning showing the number of live transactions. Click it to see your promised quote.

Third Through the browser extension, you can also view other offers you watch and go to your Amazon site to manage your notifications.

4th And if you're shopping on another site, the Amazon Assistant extension can warn you if you find a better deal on Amazon.

To be honest, it's probably easier to manage your Amazon Shopping app bids and simply use a browser extension to let you know it's live.

Originally released on June 23rd.
Update, June 25: Adds dates for Amazon Prime Day.
Update, June 29: Adds more tips.

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