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England 15-16 New Zealand: The hosts can take heart from the heart defeat of All Blacks

New Zealand adhere to asking for a narrow victory over England

Maybe someone should set up a Facebook support team for countless players and world rugby supporters who think they've beaten All Blacks just to finish anything. Springbok stands arm in hand with Irish and English. U ok hun. Big hugs. Xxxxx.

This was the 20th time since World Championships in 2011, which was New Zealand at half-time in the test. Only four of them lost.

Everywhere he returned, far enough: 22-7 behind Ireland in November 2013, before the win 24-22; twice more than 17 points against South Africa last month, including 12 points down with four minutes to go; 15 points down here on Saturday with refined England and hopefully hoping to roll around.

Do not let those things go. Nor was England's previous advantage anything other than deserved. In the 1,463-day standby contest, they started not only in a variety of equipment a week ago, but in a different universe.

They were wild, disciplined, relentless in rhythm and remarkably clinical. Chris Ashton finished as Twickenham remembered Chris Ashton finishing. Maul, who brought another attempt, was gloriously unprecedented and more than it was.

Play a fine margin

England lost one third of its All Blacks line

To see the world champions who were bothered by their feet, they were sober on the stands and were crazy. If England ended up as it started, it would be another glorious victory in the chalk up alongside the improvised glory of 2012, 2002 and 1993.

They came close. Instead, those same narrow margins and calls that opened them freely saw that they were only short. Line-out, which was dominant in the first half, took off, and then grabbed it. Penalties punctuated on the corner, instead of posts, failed to bring the points for gambling. He never called a drop in death.

Everything was understandable. This is the silver side of England with a half-cap tour team that has won the last two World Cups and is clearly favored for the next. These penalties were outside wide and rain. The fall goal, said skipper Owen Farrell after that, came before the ball lost to go wide.

"That was the right decision"

An attempt that was later forbidden would be the first Sam Underhill at the Test level

Many in the crowd think it is unfair, judging by the rude boos who have been greeted by the final whistle. The late defeated move by Under Underhill had a style that deserved a win in the game instead of being removed well after the end of his party.

For those who put poetry in front of practicality, it was supposed to do so. In the letter of the law, that was the right decision. You may disagree with the idea that the TMO call should be for nothing, but you will not criticize officials for properly enforcing the law.

In those chaotic moments the memories were short. Against South Africa, seven days ago, England gained the benefit of the TMO call in the last act of the game that became a winner at one point. There was no Saturday, and Underhill remained with the shingle, not trying to talk about it until he let him go.

Eddie Jones later talked about being devastated. He is also wise enough to realize that the headlines are rarely full of stories.

Another big lead is lost

Hope was high for England when Chris Ashton scored in the second minute

Just as All Blacks used to pull rabbits out of the hat, England repeatedly let the cat out of the bag.

In three of the five games against the southern hemisphere, the 2018 defeat had considerable moves just handed over: 24-3 in the first round of the Springbok test, 12-0 in the second and now 15-0 against the best in the round.

It could have been different that Farrell's attempt to transform Ashton's attempt to fend off his position, though no one could blame him for the disappearance of the line. The resumption after Damian McKenzie attempted at the end of the first half was more expensive, creating possession and pressure that led to the punishment of Beauden Barrett a few minutes later.

They also thanked for the dirt of Steve Hansen who often did not come often, not less than Aaron Smith's passage behind Ardie Sava, when the opening had an open test line in front of him.

"Sometimes the game loves you and sometimes does not like you," Jones said.

"We had the chance to win in the game, but we did not take them, and they did, so they deserved to win the game."

Reasons for hope for England

All blacks are not unmistakable. The Springboks have shown that they are in Wellington and Ireland in Chicago. Some of these England did this last summer in the British and Irish lava jersey.

You did not make sense all week, this game meant them as much as the hosts. England has raised four years for this game. You set yourself against the best, unless you're the best, in which case anyone with whom you are faced with the disadvantage is.

Perhaps the English victory would not change much in the next World Cup. The team that beat All Blacks six years ago came out in the groups when it was important. The New Zealand team that fell to the second biggest defeat in its history kept its crown in an unsustainable way.

However, against a side who won 10 out of 11 this year, which had 819 caps in the beginning of the XV compared to 440 caps and that was just one player short of the first full election this was a horrendous thing: one point loss when the average The defeat by All Blacks in 2018 was 24 years; Only one attempt was recognized when the opposition led at least four in each of its past 12 games.

"I think we have shown a lot of character in the hostile environment," coach Steve Hansen said afterwards.

So is England. The autumn that started with problems across the park brought the victory and loss that both could go away otherwise, but with them a definite sense of progress. Saturday was close enough for now.

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