Saturday , June 19 2021

Facebook launches Lasso's app to bring teenagers back

In most of the Facebook accounts, there are not many hits with young people these days – that's not cool enough to sneak up with parents and grandparents – so enter Lasso, a new video and music sharing app that Facebook hopes to win some of the lost teenagers back.

Randomly, Lasso is no different from TikToka, one of the up and coming applications that are popular today in the younger generation. Both focus on sharing short clips and popular songs with small groups of friends, and both come with a bunch of camera effects and playback filters.

"Lasso makes it easy for everyone to create and share short movies with fun filters and effects," says the app's description. "Keep track of creators, search phrases, find popular trends for viral videos, and join by putting your own spins on them."

Lasso is a new Lifestage

Of course, Facebook has a long history of launching new applications to try to drive a wave of what hit a child at the time – Lifestage, anyone? Facebook rooms? Most of these spin-offs are largely ignored by most users.

When it does not work, Facebook simply buys the competition, as does TBH, anonymous comment apps that got adherent to teenagers before Facebook gets up and shut off right away. Returning back in time, there are also big cash outfits for WhatsApp and Instagram.

We will wait and see if Lasso will be better than Facebook's previous attempts to retake some of my own. The free app has not yet officially released Facebook, and is only available for download for Android and iOS in the US for the time being.

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