Sunday , May 16 2021

Foden: Sky Blue goes through my veins

Phil Foden is a lifelong fan of Manchester City.

He grew up watching City, leaving for matches with his family and seeing how we became affirmed Champions League.

He is now a regular beginner, he is the youngest ever scorer of the Champions League.

For Fodena it was a hypnotic rise, and he says it's all a "crazy dream".

– I used to play with my mom once. It was very special to watch what the city is doing and see how football is improving, he says. "Growing up and watching how it changed was really good.

"Now I play in the team and it's crazy to think that happened."

Foden starred in the recent Premier League winnings over Cardiff and is now hoping to take Tottenham on Tuesday night when City tries to survive in the Champions League semi-finals.

Watch the whole interview with Fodelta via the video above!

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