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Gemma Collins gives homeless people a heap of high heels and shiny clothes

Gemma Collins showed her generosity by donating homeless people a literal room full of their old clothes.

The former star of TOWIE goes to Los Angeles to record for her new ITV reality show Diva Forever – and she decided to use her unwanted wardrobe well.

Pointing to her followers in the Instagram, Gemma discovered she had surrendered her dresses, high heels, tiny purses and colorful sunglasses to rough harem and those who did not have a roof over her head.

"So while I was in LA, I've donated all these clothes, literally everything – all these shoes – incredible – she said.

Gemma has donated her unwanted wardrobe to the homeless

Her friend cut off: "LGBTQ Center for Homeless People!"

Gemma continued, "Yes, and I hope you enjoy everything. Have fun having it. It's from GC, baby!"

However, the Gemma organization labeled in its story is not a charity for homeless people – in LA there is nothing to go to the LGBTQ Homelessness Center.

There are shelters for homeless people especially for young lesbians, homosexuals, trans and bisexual people – the LGBT center in Los Angeles is the largest – perhaps Gemma.

She told the recipients to "enjoy" her bundles of clothing, footwear and accessories

The 38-year-old is blending glamorous with her mind during her time in the US, and updated fans last night on her bizarre food cravings.

"So, guys, it's about 11:00, I was on a really swanky party tonight, but I just fancied a toast," she is divided while sits on a greasy spoon with her guard and driver.

"I came to this place and did not drink tea, so I had to go to Starbucks, get a cup of tea, boil some eggs, a little kebab."

"I just wanted eggs and toast."

Gemma met Jonathan Cheban and real estate agents during her trip to LA

The blonde also promised that NIKADA would not return to Britain – which would no doubt come as a news item to her boyfriend James Argent.

"Hollywood is the place where dreams are made. I moved here, I'm just in the sky. I never come back to England," she told the camera as she entered the convertible with Jonathan Cheban. .

"Here I will make my glory and wealth." "Let's go to Hollywood's celebrity walk, I hope I get my name there, and I want to be known as Marilyn Monroe."

Meanwhile, the poor Argu has been told that he has to lose 10 stones – or risk ending at "Death".

An unlucky star of reality signed a deal with Celebs on a farm, and this week it was noticed that he had eaten a shrimp salad.

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