Monday , May 17 2021

Government Trigger – Live: Trump Bundled by Federal Workers for Closing International Airport Terminal Due to Growing Chaos

Donald Trump says workers who do not receive salaries due to government closure need to "make adjustments"


Donald Trump says workers who do not receive salaries due to government closure need to "make adjustments"

The government of Donald Trump sues federal officials because the continuation of government shutdown continued to destroy the entire country, leading to the closure of the large international airport terminal.

The lawsuit was filed because hundreds of thousands of workers continued to go without pay, and a partial closure entered its 24th day, making it the longest in history.

Employees at US Customs and Border Protection, Prison Institutes, and the Federal Aviation Administration have already filed lawsuits, but the new case now calls for Amendment 13, which abolished slavery and forced slavery.

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Four prosecutors, three of them working for Justice, Agriculture and Traffic, and one Air Traffic Controller, claimed that Mr Trump had broken a law Washington Post.

They argue that, despite being out of payment, they must either register for work or face a threat of losing their job-what is the situation they believe is violating the 13th Amendment.

It is estimated that around 800,000 federal workers across the country are not paid for their work, and government ministries do not have enough resources and do not have enough staff.

Meanwhile, the closure caused the closure of the terminal at George Bush International Airport in Houston due to the lack of security workers.

In a statement, the airport announced that Terminal B was closed due to "personnel problems" and it was unclear when the terminal would reopen.

Trump has threatened to declare an extraordinary situation in order to circumvent the congress and force itself through the spending spell at the heart of the dispute, which includes $ 5.7 billion to fund its controversial barrier against the Democrats.

However, on Friday he said he would not immediately announce the emergency situation.

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