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Heart-shaped meteors will be sold at Valentine's Day auction

A rare heart-shaped meteorite could have brought more than £ 380,000 in an auction just in time for Valentine's Day.

Known as the Heart of the Universe, the meteorite will be sold on the online auction that will be held by the British auction house Christie's and is estimated to be sold for between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000.

Meteorite star 4.5 billion years stems from the meteor shower that hit Sibir on February 12, 1947, one of the largest ever recorded.

He broke chimneys, broken windows, and eroded trees while running through Earth's atmosphere at over 30,000 km / h.

"This 4.5 million-year-old meteorite was part of a large piece of iron that separated from the larger masses in the asteroid belt about 320 million years ago, more than 70 million years before the first dinosaurs appeared," said James . Hyslop, a specialist in science and natural sciences at Christie.

This failure then began to wander through the universe until it finally met Earth.

"This was the biggest meteor shower for the last few thousand years, and to those who watched, it had to look like the end of the world. It's amazing that nobody was killed. "

The auction was supposed to end on February 12, but it was decided to return for two days to cover Valentine's Day.

The heart of the space will be open to bidders on February 6th, among 45 worth of meteorites.

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