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How to watch the sunset on July 2 from anywhere in the world

Solar eclipse for 2017

The full Sun's eclipse of August 21, 2017, as seen in Oregon.

Aubrey Gemignani / NASA

The Pacific Ocean, Chile and Argentina on Tuesday, July 2, will look great in the overall sunshine. If you can not come to South America, you can instead watch the action of the eclipse taking place live online while the moon throws the shadow on Earth.

The gloom will follow the path of totality (the area of ​​total darkening) across the narrow part of the South Pacific, then overland via Chile and Argentina.

At the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, the current of observations from the Cerro Tololo Observatory of the National Science Foundation in Chile will be held.

In the show Exploratorium, the telescope view from Chile will start running live at 12:23 am. Quiet and then commented by NASA museum and scientist at 13 o'clock. Pacific. You can also capture all the goodwill through the museum's Total Solar Eclipse 2019 app for iOS and Android.

The European South Observatory will experience the eruption from the La Silla observatory near the Atacama desert in Chile. This show starts at 12:15 pm. Pacific.

Eclipse fever in 2017, he crossed the US, The upcoming eclipse in July will be the first complete solar eclipse of that event. Although the main route of appeasement is relatively narrow, a good piece of South America will still see how the moon's shadow partially bites the sun.

The full solar eclipse is the reason for the celebration. "One appears on average in every specific place every 360 years," says ESO. We are happy to live in a time when your location on the globe is not important. You can still be witness to the darkening of history.

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